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Schools, Children, Park Zones

Posted 6/11/2013 9:05 AM by MDGREGORY

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office would like to remind the motoring public that public schools in our area will be dismissing students for summer break this week. The Sheriff's Office would like to urge the motoring public to take extra caution when traveling through active school zones as children may not be as focused on safety as they are excited for their summer break. Statistics show that a child struck at 20 mph has a 90% chance of surviving vs. a child struck at 30 mph, which only gives the child a 10% chance of surviving. School zone signs marked "When Children Are Present" means that if there is one child, within the school zone, on the sidewalk, 20 mph can be enforced. This sign is enforceable not only during the school year but all year long.

The Sheriff's Office would also like to remind the motoring public that many park zone speed limit signs are changing to 20 mph. Black and yellow speed limit signs are suggested speeds that are not enforceable. Black and white speed limit signs are enforceable with the same, expensive fine schedule as a school zone ticket. You will see orange diamonds on top of the black and white speed limit signs reminding motorists the speed limit has changed in the park zone.