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Proactive Patrol Pays Dividends

Posted 5/14/2013 2:37 PM by MDGREGORY

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies from the north side graveyard shift conducted an emphasis in the Mead area last night. Enforcement activities centered around the Freya and Farwell area and the Farwell and Crestline area. One of the primary targets identified by Deputy D. Smith was Edward Fain, a known drug seller and all around criminal. Both of these areas have multiple drug/crime houses that have generated multiple complaints from the tax payers in the area in recent weeks.

Deputies from surrounding districts worked together to initiate multiple stops of suspects on foot, on bikes and in vehicles. After approximately an hour and a half, deputies were not able to locate any type of criminal activity. One of the criminal types contacted toward the end made mention of having been called by a friend and warned to stay inside due to police activity in the area. A SCOPE volunteer left her house to contact the shift sergeant to tell him how much she appreciated the increased presence of the Sheriff's Office in the area.

Late in the shift, Deputy Melville and Deputy D. Smith were back in the same area to check for any additional activity. Deputy Melville observed Mr. Fain on a bike. Deputy Melville was aware of a Felony warrant for his arrest and attempted to detain him. Fain fled on his bike and later on foot. With the cooperation of the other north county deputies, Fain was eventually taken into custody after resisting arrest and receiving a taser "drive stun" application. Among his belongings were approximately 40+ car keys, many of which still had tags on them that appear to be from the same car dealership. Also on his person was a driver’s license and credit card from a resident in the area of Lincoln and Market who was not even aware his car had been prowled during the night and his belongings stolen.

Fain went to jail for at least one felony and several misdemeanors. This is just another example of how great teamwork and proactive policing reduces criminal activity throughout Spokane County.