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Latest ATM Scam

Posted 4/29/2013 8:23 AM by MDGREGORY

Two north Spokane financial institution ATM machines have fallen prey to a new scamming technique. This technique involves the suspect(s) super gluing the cancel button, or another similar type button, down on the machine so the victims transaction is not able to be processed. The result of this technique is that it is possible the machine will not release the victim's debit or credit card.

This is alarming for a couple reasons. If the victim becomes frustrated and leaves, many machines have a short time delay before the card is not returned and stored in the machine for security purposes. If the suspect is able to get to the machine within this time frame, it is possible for them to defeat their alteration of the machine and either retrieve your credit card or continue with the transaction.

Anyone who experiences this type of issue with an ATM machine is urged to immediately contact their financial institution as well as the business the machine is located.