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Large Wedding Ring Found In Bike Thief's Pocket

Posted 4/17/2012 11:42 AM by MDGREGORY
Large Wedding Ring Found In Bike Thief's Pocket image

On Monday, April 16th, Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy T. Liljenberg responded to North Division Bicycle, located near the 10500 block of North Division, to a report of a stolen bicycle. Deputy Liljenberg contacted an adult male and female outside the store who had been trying to sell the store a Giant brand, Sedona model mountain bike.

Deputy Liljenberg contacted the male, later identified as 34 year-old Damen Banning, who told Deputy Liljenberg he was trying to sell the bike for one of his friends. The female, later identified as 52 year-old Colleen Janson, also told Deputy Liljenberg they were trying to sell the bike for a friend. Janson initially provided a false name to Deputy Liljenberg. Deputy Shover arrived on scene and recognized Janson. Dispatch confirmed Janson had a City Theft warrant for her arrest.

Deputy Liljenberg contacted employees at North Division Bicycle that inspected the bike. Their bike mechanic saw the bike was purchased at Bicycle Butler. The mechanic called the shop and confirmed the bike had been sold at the end of February and Bicycle Butler had the purchaser's information on record.

Deputy Liljenberg contacted the bike owner who did not know his bike had been stolen. He said it was in his garage on Saturday, April 14th, but he accidentally left his garage open overnight. The bike was returned to the owner.

Deputy Liljenberg placed Janson and Banning under arrest for Trafficking in Stolen Property 1st Degree. Janson was also charged with Making False and Misleading Statements as well as the city warrant. After they arrived at jail, Corrections deputies located a diamond ring in Banning's front pocket. Banning said he purchased the ring and provided no additional information.

Photographs of the wedding ring are posted on the Spokane County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

If you have been a victim of a theft where a wedding ring has been stolen, and you have made a report, you are asked to contact Crime Check at 509-456-2233 with the theft report number. You will be required to provide proof of ownership before the ring is released to its rightful owner.

Information about this Spokane Sheriff News story is also available at

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