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Safety Tips For Public

Posted 2/11/2013 3:56 PM by MDGREGORY

Law enforcement agencies in Spokane County have been experiencing a number of shoplifting, and some robbery incidents at local businesses throughout Spokane County. On a few of these occasions the suspect(s) have brandished weapons when confronted by Asset Protection either inside or outside the business.

There have been a few occasions when concerned citizens have attempted to intervene. Although we know these witnesses’ intentions are genuine, we highly discourage getting involved in these incidents.

We have recently seen a trend where citizens are going beyond simply reporting what they see to 911 or Crime Check. Several incidents have occurred lately were citizens are taking actions to apprehend criminals during the commission of a crime in ways that have severely put their safety at risk. We as Law Enforcement Officers appreciate your willingness to get involved and be part of the solution; however, taking action that puts your life in danger goes against our nature to keep you safe.

We do encourage you to be our eyes and ears in the community and report incidents to us. We also ask that you not take action that would place you in harms way. Many criminals that you may observe committing seemingly petty crimes are often times armed and affected by drug use. Their behavior is often unpredictable and we would not want to have a simple shoplifting/theft arrest, for example, turn into an assault with a deadly weapon call, or worse.

Once again, the Sheriff's Office depends on citizens of Spokane County to assist ours, as well as other local law enforcement agencies, by providing this type of witness information. We just want to make sure citizens do not take any unnecessary action that may cause them, or someone else to be harmed.