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Car Thief Arrested

Posted 2/7/2013 10:22 AM by KWESTBERG

On February 5, 2013, at 10:15 a.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy Chan Erdman responded to DSHS located at 8715 E. Trent on a stolen vehicle call. Information in the call stated two male subjects had abandoned a stolen Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot and fled the scene. Two DSHS employees described both suspects as white males, approximately twenty-years-old. They said the male who exited from the driver’s seat, later identified as 19-year-old Jeremy Beeching, had a medium build and was wearing blue jeans and a gray hoodie. They said the passenger was heavy set and that he was wearing black pants and a black hoodie.

Deputy Wade Nelson responded to the area and located two subjects matching Beeching and his passenger’s descriptions walking along the train tracks by Felts Field. Deputy Nelson was delayed by a train and after it cleared he and Deputy Erdman located both subjects in a public area inside Felts Field Airport.

Beeching was located sitting on a set of steps inside the main door of the airport. The passenger was located inside the bathroom hiding in a stall. After checking Beeching's name through dispatch, Deputy Nelson learned he had a felony warrant for Theft of a Motor Vehicle. Beeching was arrested for the warrant and refused to speak about the Jeep at DSHS.

Deputy Erdman spoke with the passenger about the incident. He stated he only knew Beeching for a few days and that he and Beeching had been doing "meth" earlier in the day. He said Beeching told him he had to drop off some paper work at DSHS and when they reached the parking lot they ran out of gas. Beeching told his passenger to grab a blue duffel bag out of the vehicle before walking away from the parking lot. He said he did not know the contents of the duffel bag. He said it was at this time he realized something "was hinky" as they fled the scene.

He said they split up when they fled the scene and when they met back up Beeching gave him a white backpack he had been carrying and took the blue duffel bag. He said they split up again and when they met back up near the airport Beeching no longer had the blue duffel bag. The passenger told Deputy Erdman that as he looked back on the events of the day he should have realized the Jeep was stolen. He said he was "too high" initially to think about it in the morning but did remember noticing how torn up the inside of the Jeep was.

At about that time a visitor from the airport contacted Deputy Erdman and told him there was a backpack stuffed in the bathroom garbage. There were also sunglasses, a set of gloves and a set of shaved keys in the garbage. Deputy Erdman located mail belonging to Beeching inside the backpack.

Deputy Randy Strzelecki also responded to the scene and contacted the two witnesses at DSHS. He brought both witnesses to the airport and they positively identified Beeching exiting the driver's seat and the other male exiting the passenger seat. Deputy Strzelecki also located the duffel bag that came from inside the vehicle near DSHS. Inside the bag was stereo equipment that had been taken from the Jeep. Deputy Erdman was unable to determine if the passenger "knowingly" rode in the stolen jeep with Beeching and was released at the scene.

• Beeching was booked into the Spokane County Jail for his felony warrant as well as Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Possession of Motor Vehicle Theft Tools (shaved keys).