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SCOPE Latent Fingerprinting Team

Posted 2/6/2013 2:43 PM by MDGREGORY

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office SCOPE volunteers have developed a Latent Fingerprinting Team for victims of vehicle prowling. The processing of the vehicles takes place inside the sally port at the Valley Precinct. Victims of vehicle prowling can make a report through Crime Check at 509-456-2233. Victims can request that their vehicles be examined for prints at that time. SCOPE volunteers will in turn contact the victim and schedule a time to meet at the Valley Precinct located at 12710 E. Sprague Avenue in Spokane Valley. This program is offered to citizens of Spokane Valley as well as citizens of unincorporated Spokane County. Attached is a letter written by Spokane Valley Police Chief Rick VanLeuven explaining the program:

I would like to give some well deserved recognition to our SCOPE Latent Fingerprinting Team. This team has been providing a very important service to the members of our community who have become victims of vehicle prowling. These great volunteers have been sufficiently trained by our Forensic Unit to precisely evaluate and search for the most likely locations where suspects have left their fingerprints behind while committing this cowardly crime.

Using the extensive training that the Latent Fingerprinting Team has received, they have been very active over the last two years, logging a total of 1,146 hours in 2011 and 875 so far in 2012, not including hours of training.

This program not only has great benefits to the citizens of this community by providing a much-needed service to meet their needs, it allows our patrol deputies to focus on higher priority duties. It also has great benefits to our detectives when latent prints are found and processed by our SCOPE volunteers. Once the fingerprints are examined and matched to a suspect by the Forensic Unit, it provides our pro-active Property Crimes Unit with leads and evidence to arrest these suspects and present the case for prosecution.

One of the most recent successes of the Latent Fingerprinting Team was when SCOPE volunteers processed a vehicle for fingerprints and lifted latent prints that matched a prolific vehicle prowling suspect who has been the focus of our Vehicle Prowling Task Force in late November/early December.

This valuable service will continue through the winter months with the efforts of the Latent Fingerprinting Team providing this service at the Spokane Valley Police Precinct. Stay tuned for more details and hours of operation.

Please remember to lock your cars, remove your valuables, and report suspicious activity as soon as possible. Kudos to the Latent Fingerprinting Team for all your good work!

Chief Rick VanLeuven
Spokane Valley Police Chief