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School Shooting in Newton Connecticut

Posted 12/14/2012 2:58 PM by MDGREGORY

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office would like to express our condolences to the victims, families and citizens of Newton Connecticut.

Our agency, as well as school district officials in Spokane County, have received numerous calls today with questions about the safety of their children in our schools. The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has a total of seven School Recourse Deputies assigned to the following school districts:

• Liberty School District
• Freeman School District
• Central Valley School District
• East Valley School District
• West Valley School District
• Mead School district

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office was involved in the development of a Rapid Responder Program that began in 2004. This is a program that outlines everything in public schools dealing with evacuation of students, schematic of the schools, security, electrical plans, etc. This program assists deputies with assuring the quickest response into the facility in an emergency situation.

Along with the Rapid Response Program, The Sheriff's Office conducts yearly training at schools throughout Spokane County dealing with the type of tragedy that took place in Connecticut today. These training opportunities are extremely beneficial as it allows both the school districts and Sheriff's Office personnel to work as one. This leads to a more organized response and deployment of resources since the school districts and Sheriff's Office know exactly what to expect from each other as a result of these training exercises. The Spokane County Sheriff's Office will continue to conduct these types of training exercises to ensure the safety of our children in every school district in Spokane County.