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Multiple Burglar Arrests over Weekend in Spokane Valley

Posted 4/16/2012 11:56 AM by MDGREGORY

Friday night, April 13th, Spokane Valley Sheriff’s nightshift deputies made multiple arrests of well known burglars in the City of Spokane Valley. Sgt. Manning's valley night shift platoon focused their efforts in the area of 400 North University Road and the area of 13500 East Rich Road. Both of these areas have been notorious for criminal activity for some time.

Arrests were made on the following subjects:

22 year old Damien Plumley - Felony warrants for 2nd Degree Theft (3 counts), 1st Degree Trafficking in Stolen Property (1 count)

42 year old Steven Devitt - Felony warrant for 2nd Degree Theft and Vehicle Prowling

37 year old Mark Bush - Department of Corrections warrants for Failure to Comply

20 year old Christopher Stoddard - Booked for new felony charges of 2nd Degree Theft and 1st Degree Trafficking in Stolen Property

While making these arrests, Spokane Valley Sheriff’s deputies located a large amount of stolen property at the residences. Spokane Valley Property Crimes detectives responded to the scene and retrieved all the stolen items. These items were all identified and returned to their rightful owners. The return of these items took longer than normal because none of the high value items had been reported stolen. When detectives asked the property owners why they did not report the thefts, the property owners said they had not gotten around to it.

Citizens are asked to report any type of theft, suspicious vehicles or persons to either 911 or Crime Check. This information is extremely valuable and played a vital role with the multiple arrests made this weekend in Spokane Valley. The Sheriff's Office has devoted extra resources to focus on burglaries in unincorporated Spokane County and the City of Spokane Valley.

This current investigation is ongoing and investigators fully expect to make additional arrests as a result of information obtained this weekend.