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Community Involvement Reduces Burglaries In Spokane County

Posted 11/27/2012 10:17 AM by KWESTBERG

Unincorporated Spokane County saw an increase in the number of residential burglaries reported to the Sheriff's Office through the first and second quarters of 2012. Recognizing these numbers were significantly higher than the same time frames in 2010 and 2011, the Sheriff restructured personnel to combat this increase which proved extremely successful.

Hundreds of arrests and charges were not only the result of restructuring personnel, but also the result of community involvement continuously providing the Sheriff's Office with vital information that led to a large majority of these arrests. As a result of this combined effort, third quarter residential burglaries in unincorporated Spokane County were the lowest they have been since the first quarter of 2010. The Sheriff's Office encourages the continued assistance of the citizens of Spokane County with providing information that assists in reducing all crime rates in our community. Below is a list of the unincorporated residential burglaries statistics between 2010 and 2012.

2012 2011 2010

1st Qtr - 265 156 131

2nd Qtr - 211 164 176

3rd Qtr - 153 187 224