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1-Year-Old Child Left Unattended in a Vehicle

Posted 10/1/2012 4:39 PM by MDGREGORY

Today at 11:45am., Spokane Valley Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call of an infant child left unattended inside a vehicle in the parking lot of Ringo’s Casino in Spokane Valley.

Employees of the casino reported the incident and were with the child when deputies arrived. The child was not injured but deputies believe she was left unattended in the vehicle for possibly up to an hour or more.

Deputies contacted the father of the child, 44-year-old, Richard P. Watson at the location. He was arrested and transported to the Spokane County Jail where he was booked on a gross misdemeanor charge of leaving a child unattended in a parked vehicle.

Deputies were able to contact with the child’s mother and she was released to her mother when she arrived at the location.