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Three Juvenile Males Arrested In Medical Lake

Posted 9/24/2012 12:21 PM by KWESTBERG

On September 21, 2012, at about 1:30 a.m., Deputy Dan Knight was patrolling in Medical Lake when he saw a black and pink backpack lying on the corner at Spence St. and Bower St. There was also a silver colored Nokia cell phone lying on the road. Deputy Knight looked west on Spence St. and could see papers in the roadway. Deputy Knight followed the trail westbound to Washington St. where he saw more papers and books in the street. Deputy Knight looked at a vehicle in the driveway near the 200 block of North Washington St. and saw the sedans front driver's side door was open. Deputy Knight contacted the homeowner who confirmed all the papers, the back pack, phone and books all belonged to her. She said they had been in her unlocked vehicle.

Additional deputies and an Airway Heights Officer responded to search the area. Officer Suniga from Airway Heights P.D. was contacted by a male and female who said their three kids were out running around. While Deputy Knight responded to meet with the parents, Officer Suniga advised he had located two of the three juvenile males the parents were looking for.

Deputy Knight was speaking with the two juveniles and their parents, confirming the kids had been breaking into cars and stealing items. At about that time Deputy Knight looked towards Silver Lake Road and saw a male jump over a fence into a backyard. Other deputies located the individual who was the third missing member.

One of the suspects told Deputy Knight he would take him to all the locations they committed crimes. He told Deputy Knight they had stolen a gun from the yard of one of their victims and had hid it under their bed. Deputy Knight later found the gun under the bed. It was a fake gun not capable of firing ammunition. The investigation is on-going and there are possibly additional victims. If you live in the Medical Lake area and have been a victim of any type of crime over this past weekend you are asked to report it to Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

All three juvenile males were booked into Juvenile for one count each of Vehicle Prowling 2nd Degree Possession of Stolen Property 3rd Degree. Additional charges are possible as the investigation continues.