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Pair Caused Thousands of Dollars of Damage to Valley Home

Posted 9/4/2012 5:21 PM by MDGREGORY

Today, September 4, 2012, at about 8:30 a.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a residence near the 10500 block of East 9th Avenue to a vandalism call. Deputies arrived on scene with the homeowner to find the entire residence completely destroyed.

A window had been broken out of the front of the residence, where it is believed access was gained by two juvenile males. Once inside, the males destroyed every appliance inside the residence, tore out sheet rock on nearly every wall, broke holes in the ceiling in both the upstairs and downstairs and flooded the entire home. The suspects turned water on in the kitchen sink and upstairs bathtub, plugged the drains and caused water to flood the residence for several hours. This was the worst case of vandalism every deputy on scene had seen in their entire careers.

Once Spokane Valley Property Crimes detectives arrived on scene, they were able to literally follow a trail of debris that led from the victim's house to a residence about a block away. The debris included items used during the vandalism that the suspects left on the roadway. It also included items that were taken from a vehicle near the victim's house.

After vandalizing the home, the suspects slashed tires on seven vehicles while walking back to the residence they came from. Spokane Valley Property Crimes detectives saw a CD case at the end of the trail of debris next to a rear sliding door of a residence near the victim's home. Detectives contacted the tenant at the residence who told them that a 16 and 17-year-old male acquaintances of hers admitted that they caused the damage to the house and vehicles early in the morning.

Spokane Valley deputies and detectives quickly identified the two male suspects and had them in custody within an hour of the investigation. Both suspects admitted to vandalizing the house as well as slashing the tires on all seven vehicles. Damage to the residence is estimated at or near $100,000.00.

• Both males were booked into Spokane County Juvenile Detention Facility for the charges of felony Malicious Mischief and Residential Burglary.