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Labor Day Weekend Boater & Water Safety Patrols Planned

Posted 8/30/2012 10:27 AM by MDGREGORY

Labor Day Weekend Boater Safety and Awareness

Conducted by the Spokane County Sheriff's Office Marine Enforcement Unit.

Spokane County Sheriffs Deputies will be working throughout the county enforcing all applicable state and local laws with the goal of promoting safe and responsible boating. As part of this weekend’s patrols, Deputies will also be conducting boat inspections both on the water and at ramps. Enforcement will target those blatantly disregarding safe boating practices and/or safety equipment regulations by both state and county laws.

Special Emphasis will be given to Long, Newman, and Liberty Lakes as well as checking for life jackets on the Spokane River throughout the holiday weekend.

Please have a SAFE Labor Day Weekend.

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