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Alert Neighbor Reports Suspicious SUV

Posted 8/28/2012 12:27 PM by MDGREGORY
Alert Neighbor Reports Suspicious SUV image

On August 24, 2012 at approximately 9:00pm, Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area of the 8300 block of N. Five Mile Rd. for a possible burglary in-progress call.

An alert neighbor reported there was a SUV parked in the area and it was believed the occupants of the SUV exited and went over to a neighbor’s residence to possibly burglarize it. Further suspicion was raised when another neighbor reported seeing the subjects walking around the front yard of the residence with flashlights.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived within minutes and were contacted by the neighbors. They were informed the male and female ran into a field prior to their arrival. Deputies Pfeifer and Smith checked the residence and surrounding property and located the female, later identified as Lisa L. Bonser, hiding underneath a vehicle. Bonser told deputies she was arguing with her boyfriend, Troy A. Baldwin and decided to walk instead of continuing the argument while driving. She explained she hid because she observed people approaching with flashlights and she didn’t know who they were.

Spokane County Sheriff’s K9 Deputy Stipe and his partner Brax arrived and assisted in locating Baldwin who was hiding in a field of tall grass. He was taken into custody without actual contact with Brax. After being read his rights, Baldwin stated he had never done this before but he was in the area looking for scrap material and planned to use it to gain some extra money. He denied arguing with Bonser during the evening.

Deputies were unable to show the pair entered or attempted to enter the residence so Baldwin was issued a misdemeanor criminal citation for Criminal Trespass 2nd degree and a criminal traffic citation for Driving While Suspended 3rd. He was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for an active warrant for Criminal Trespass (DV).

Bonser was issued a misdemeanor criminal citation for Criminal Trespass 2nd degree and released.

This is a great example of neighbors looking out for one another while being great witnesses. They were able to provide detailed information as they reported the suspicious activity. This detailed information enabled the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office deputies to respond and catch the criminals in the act rather than after they were gone.

Sheriff Knezovich would like to thank these neighbors as well as other citizens who have called to report suspicious activity. Sheriff Knezovich stated, “This is a great example of our citizens working with us to ensure Spokane County is a safe place to live.”

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