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Car Prowler Seeks Shelter

Posted 6/27/2012 11:42 AM by KWESTBERG

On Tuesday evening, June 26, 2012, at 11:30 p.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputies responded to a vehicle prowling call near the 2400 block of North Cherry Road. When deputies arrived on scene they contacted the maintenance manager of the apartment complex.

The manager had located a male subject, later identified as 27 year old Justin Croson, looking through the glove box of a vehicle he knew Croson did not own. When the manager asked Croson what he was doing, Croson stated he was just sitting in his car. The manager knew this was not true since the vehicle Croson was in belonged to a personal friend of his.

Sheriff's deputies spoke with Croson who told them he was currently homeless, had a fight with his girlfriend and sat inside the vehicle to get out of the rain. Croson admitted he did not know the owner of the vehicle, said he had not looked through the glove box and was only trying to get out of the cold.

Deputies saw the glove box and center console were both open and that there was a newer gas powered radio control car sitting on the front passenger seat. The vehicle owner said she did leave the car unlocked, that her center console and glove box had been shut and that she did not own the radio control car. Croson later told deputies his ex-babysitter gave him the radio control car but could not remember his babysitter's name, address or what type of radio control car he was given.

•Croson was booked into Spokane County Jail on the charge of 2nd Degree Vehicle Prowling.

The radio control car was a Red Cat Volcano S30 truck with a gas powered engine and was red, silver and blue in color. The truck is valued at $229.00. If you are the owner of the Red Cat Volcano and can provide proof of ownership you are asked to call 509-477-6612.