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All Suspects

Please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Suspects may have been captured and released prior to this listing and are entitled to every right as a free citizen. Also remember that many suspects are armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to capture suspects yourself. If you know or believe that you have seen a suspect listed here, please call the Crime Check (509) 456-2233. If you know the immediate whereabouts of a wanted person, call 911.

Nathan Carter

Nathan  Carter front

Nathan  Carter side

Name: Nathan Carter
DOB: 12 / 30 / 1982
Sex: M
Race: W
Warrant: Possession Stolen Property 2nd Degree

Michael Dragos

Michael  Dragos front

Michael  Dragos side

Name: Michael Dragos
DOB: 3 / 21 / 1980
Sex: M
Race: W
Warrant: Theft 2nd Degree & Misd Making False Statement

Brian Fugate

Brian  Fugate front

Brian  Fugate side

Name: Brian Fugate
DOB: 11 / 30 / 1967
Sex: M
Race: W
Warrant: Trafficking Stolen Property 1st Degree & City Theft

Rachel Katon

Rachel  Katon front

Rachel  Katon side

Name: Rachel Katon
DOB: 3 / 8 / 1987
Sex: F
Race: W
Warrant: Theft 1st Degree & Theft 2nd Degree

Carlos P Unup

Carlos  P Unup front

Carlos  P Unup side

Name: Carlos P Unup
DOB: 5 / 18 / 1965
Sex: M
Race: W
Warrant: Child Molestation-1st Degree