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Inmate Money

Leaving Money for an Inmate

The inmate must have funds in his/her account by 12:01 a.m. on Monday to be able to order commissary that week. (12:01 a.m. Tuesday for Geiger inmates).

There are a number of ways to put funds on an offender's account:

Cashiers Window:
You may leave money for inmates who are housed at both facilities at the Spokane County Jail Cashier's Window. The Cashier's Window is closed from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. The Cashier's Window is open all other times seven days a week. Note: You must bring the exact amount of money with you since the jail does not make change.

U.S. Mail:
We ONLY accept US Postal Money Orders, Western Union Money Orders, US Treasury Checks as well as checks from Tribal Institutions and other Correctional Facilities through the mail for posting to an inmate's account. We will accept Cashier's Checks for under $500.00.
To Mail in funds for an inmate have the funds made payable to the inmate, be sure to have your full name and address as the purchaser on the Cashiers Check or Money order as well as on the return address of the envelope.

Mail funds for either Jail or Geiger Inmates to:
Inmate First & Last Name
Attn: Inmate Accounting
1100 W Mallon Ave
Spokane WA  99260

GTL ConnectNetwork®  is an authorized deposit and account management portal for the corrections industry. With several different deposit methods available, ConnectNetwork is the quickest and most convenient option to fund your loved ones account.  Purchasing money orders, mailing deposits and waiting several business days for the funds to post are now eliminated with OffenderConnect.

Issues or problems?  GTL Customer Service: 877-650-4249

Commissary/Trust payments:

TheGTL ConnectNetwork® service can accept payments to an inmate's commissary or trust account at this facility.  Any funds deposited to an inmate commissary or trust account become the property of that inmate.

To fund a commissary or trust account, you have three options:

Kiosk- Funds may be deposited into an inmate's commissary or trust account using the ConnectNetwork®  kiosk located in the jail lobby and Geiger Correction's visiting center.

These kiosks can be used to place funds on an inmate's commissary account whether they are housed at either facility.  The kiosk's accept credit or debit cards as well as cash*.  The Jail kiosk is available in the main lobby 24 hours a day every day.  The Geiger kiosk is available during any Geiger visiting session

Web- visit www.ConnectNetwork  to add funds to an inmates' commissary or trust account quickly and conveniently.

Phone- call 1-800-483-8314 to add funds to an inmate's commissary or trust account using this automated telephone system.  The system is available 24 hours a day.
The system requires you to have the following information when making a deposit using the automated telephone system: 

  • Inmate ID or Inmate name (full name with correct spelling) and date of birth (month, day, year)
  • Facility ID/Site ID: 98

    Be sure to listen carefully to all the prompts on the system, including the confirmation prompts, to ensure that you are depositing the funds onto the account for the proper inmate.

Issues or problems?  GTL Customer Service: 877-650-4249