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Mail and Books

Mailing Address for Inmates at the Downtown Jail and Geiger Corrections

Inmate First, MI, Last Name
c/o Spokane County Detention Services
1100 W. Mallon Ave.
Spokane, WA 99260-0320

Letters MUST have the sender's First and Last Name and full return address.  Do NOT use address stickers!  Any tape, stickers, crayon, perfume, or any other items or stains on the envelope or letter may cause your mail to be returned to you or be put in the inmate's property.

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View the Inmate Mail Policy


Publications Received by Inmates

Inmates may receive publications as follows, provided they meet the requirements of the Mail Policy and Attachment "A". Inmates may receive new/used paperback books, newspapers, and other publications sent directly from the publisher or a bona fide bookstore/retailer. Publications not meeting the requirements of the Mail Policy and Attachment "A" will initially be rejected by Detention Services personnel. The initial rejection shall be reviewed by the Detention Services Director or designee prior to a notice of rejection being given pursuant to Section VI. No publications will be withheld solely on the basis of their appeal to a particular ethnic, racial, religious, or political group or sexual orientation.

Mail from Publishers

Spokane County Detention Services has recently reorganized their administrative services.  For most functions this does not affect any services.  However, for business that provide publications/ books for inmates, there is a new address if you utilize UPS or FedEx.

            For UPS or FedEx deliveries, the address is:
            Inmate Name
            c/o Spokane County Detention Services
            1307 W Gardner
            Spokane WA  99201

            For USPS deliveries, the address remains the same: 
            Inmate Name
            c/o Spokane County Detention Services
            1100 W Mallon Ave
            Spokane WA  99260

Any questions may be directed to : The Mail Desk at 509-477-2278