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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost5/1/2016Catnot provided, Gray gotee
lost5/1/2016CatTabby, Shaved with a lion cut
Found5/2/2016CatDomestic Long Hair (Male), Long hair w/Red collar, Scraps and avid tagsS
Found5/1/2016OtherCollar only found ,no pet, Pink collar found after cat fight
lost3/10/2016CatWhite black, Black mole undet nose
lost5/1/2016CatTabby, Brown belly. Fixed Male
lost5/1/2016DogBlack lab, Red collar, white patch on chest
lost5/1/2016DogLab Mix, missing ear
lost4/22/2016DogChihuahua mix, one blue eye other brown
lost4/22/2016DogChihuahua mix, one blue eye other brown
lost5/1/2016Dogyorkie, thinning hair on back. black mole on skin.
lost4/30/2016CatDomestic, small scar over left eye
lost4/29/2016DogBulldog, not provided
Found4/29/2016DogChihuahua mix, short little legs, fat little & has been neutered
lost4/26/2016DogYorkie, Collar
lost4/28/2016Catunkown, fixed, thinner build, black and white male
lost4/28/2016Catpart main coone 1yr old, fixed, brown tint to his coat, gray tint to lower tummy
lost3/30/2016Catnot provided, Skull Collar, green eyes.
lost4/28/2016DogDachshund, Blue eyes
lost4/27/2016Catnot provided, Black spots on the right side of lower lip
lost4/28/2016DogShitzu, Green tattoo on belly from being spayed
lost4/28/2016DogMini schnauzer, not provided
lost4/28/2016CatTabby, Long hair
lost4/28/2016DogPiT Boxerr, pic for proff
Found4/25/2016DogPitbull, Older female
lost4/25/2016Dogdachsund/minatur pinche rcross, long body and arms. neutererd male.
Found4/28/2016DogBlack Lab, Blue collar, gray beard
Found4/11/2016Catshort hair, looks young
lost4/26/2016DogChi/terrier, blue harness with paw print
lost4/28/2016DogPitbull, He is silver and white
lost4/28/2016DogHybrid, wolf and husky, She looks like a husky, skinny build. Silver/black
lost4/27/2016DogSiberian Husky, black/silver collar no tag
lost4/28/2016DogPitbull, not provided
lost4/22/2016CatSiamese, Pink and black collar (may have taken it off)
lost4/27/2016Dogminiature schnauzer, not provided
lost4/27/2016DogChocolate lab, Slightly white spot on tail
lost4/26/2016DogChihuahua mix, pink collar with short hair
Found4/26/2016DogGolden pit/lab mix?, Blue collar, unneutered, Scraps tag
lost4/26/2016DogPomchi, Blue collar
lost4/26/2016DogMix Pomeranian and shitzu, Shaggy white super cute
Found4/25/2016DogPitbull, Older female
lost3/13/2016DogFemale Red nose pitbull, brown on right side of face and white on left
lost4/26/2016Doglab, no collar on today - 13 years old - graying mouth
lost4/26/2016DogGolden Lab, Starting to get gray in face. White patch on chest
lost4/26/2016DogRottweiler, Lab, Camo collar, kinda of reddish under right eye
lost4/20/2016CatDomestic short hair, Large in size
lost4/25/2016DogAnatolian shepherd mix, not provided
lost4/23/2016CatDomestic short hair, Small frame very sweet. progresd and 12th
lost4/24/2016DogYorkie, not provided
lost4/25/2016DogPit bull, White belly, white stripe on her face
lost4/24/2016DogRottweiler and German Shepherd, not provided
lost4/24/2016DogMiniature Pinscher, Tan Collar w/Tags
lost4/24/2016Dogmini schnauzer, bumpes on his back
lost4/24/2016DogLab/border collie mix, gray chin
lost4/22/2016CatShort hair tabby, not provided
Found4/24/2016DogJack russle mix, not provided
lost4/24/2016CatTabby, White paws, large (14 lbs), blue sparkle color
Found4/24/2016Dognot provided
lost4/24/2016DogBlue Heeler, Notch in ear
lost4/22/2016Dogscottish terrier, not provided
lost4/23/2016DogYorkshire terrior, Blue harness
lost4/22/2016Dogpit, tan patch over left eye front paws are all white
Found4/23/2016Doglab, not provided
lost4/22/2016DogShih Zsu, blue collar, brown spot on ear and butt
lost4/22/2016Catcalico/female spade, 4 white paws/ white collar/very timid/ small/
Found4/23/2016CatShorthair, tuxedo looking with a white nose blaze/mustache
lost4/22/2016DogPitbull, 40lbs, one year old, he wasn't wearing a collar,
Found4/23/2016DogYorkshire Terrier, Blue Harness -- believe dog is boy.
lost4/22/2016DogChorkie, Got bite marks on her ears
lost4/21/2016Catnot provided
lost4/22/2016DogPomeranian, not provided
Found4/22/2016Dogdaschund, unnuetered, red collar
lost4/22/2016DogBoxer, Skull collar
lost4/22/2016DogChihuahua, Has Chip No collar
lost4/22/2016CatChihuahua, Microchip.
lost4/20/2016Catlong hair, Hair is shaved into a lion cut
lost4/21/2016Dogcollie mix, not provided
lost4/14/2016DogPit/boxer mix, Thick red collar,white patch on chest,boxer tail
lost4/19/2016DogChihuahua, 5 months old
lost4/20/2016Catnot provided, All grey, long hair, fluffy
lost4/19/2016Dogboxer/pit mix, not provided
lost4/14/2016DogPit/boxer mix, Thick red collar,white patch on chest,boxer tail
lost4/17/2016Cattabby, blue collar, big ears, chubby
Found4/19/2016DogPure bred Newfoundland, Camouflage collar. chip #941000016640585
Found4/19/2016Dogpit bull , red collar, white toes and white spot on chest
lost4/11/2016CatNorwegian Forest Cat, Fluffy, white, large orange spots. Unaltered male
Found4/18/2016DogSpaniel? Female, Pink collar, no tags, very old, very friendly
lost4/18/2016DogPitbull / Boxer Mix, Grey Collar
lost4/17/2016DogScottish Terrier, slight graying on face
lost4/15/2016Dogpit bull , choke chain
lost4/18/2016DogLwellyn setter, not provided
lost4/18/2016DogPit bull, Blue harness with dog bones on it and blue leash
lost4/16/2016CatCalico, Spayed female, 2 years old.
lost4/12/2016CatRussian Blue, Tiny patch of silver on chest. Green/yellow eyes
lost4/17/2016DogNewfoundland/Lab Mix, not provided
lost4/14/2016CatCalico, Collar with scraps tag, rabies tag, and name tag
lost4/16/2016CatSiamese mix , Purple collar with tags
lost4/14/2016CatDSH, Petite -under 6 lbs w/ Fluffy tail that curls up
lost3/18/2016CatSiamese, Unaltered, crossed blue eyes
lost3/16/2016DogAmerican Pitbull Terrier, White zigzag on back of his neck
Found4/16/2016Dogmix, slim med size short hair
lost4/15/2016DogLab, Some white hair on snout and chest
lost4/13/2016DogMaltese-Bichon , short hair, long tail, neutered mal, microchipped
lost4/11/2016CatCat, Picture included
lost4/14/2016DogSiberian Husky, Blue eyes, walks with a limp
lost4/8/2016Catnot provided
lost4/13/2016DogTerrier mix, Pink collar, scar from recent spay
lost4/9/2016DogBlue heeler/shepherd mix, She was just fixed- shaved stomach
Found4/8/2016DogPitbull, not provided
Found4/8/2016CatSiamese, not provided
Found4/11/2016OtherRabbit, not provided
lost4/13/2016DogSiberian Husky, 2 different color eyes (1 blue 1 brown)
lost4/11/2016CatBirman/Himalayan mix, Blue eyes, long gray tail.
lost4/12/2016Catnot provided, all black, sort of long hair
lost4/12/2016CatCancoon, Big green eyes
lost4/13/2016DogGerman shorthair, Orangish collar
lost4/8/2016DogShihtzu, Black nose, tan/grey ears
lost4/8/2016DogChihuahua, longhaired, Black nose and ears, speckled, microchipped
Found4/13/2016Catsiamese-type medium hair, found on Bessie and Broadway
lost4/7/2016Catunknown, has a rib bump can feel underneath belly, ear scuf
lost4/12/2016DogHusky/German Shepard , One blue eye one brown eye
Found4/12/2016Dognot provided, Beer holder attached to dog collar with a water bo
lost4/11/2016Dogpapillon chihuahua, black harness, computer chip, long haired
lost4/8/2016CatLong haired, Multi color color and scraps tag
lost4/6/2016CatMale Tabby Neutered and with c, green/golden eyes/white on mouth and wiskers
lost4/11/2016CatLong hair, Neutered, green dot on stomache
lost4/11/2016DogBorder Collie, Front paws are white with black spots
lost1/3/2016DogDutch shepherd, Right ear is floppy. spaying tattoos
lost4/10/2016DogYellow Lab, Lump on his underside
lost4/8/2016CatDomestic med/long hair, not provided
lost4/5/2016Catlong hair domestic, dime size white spot on right front paw
lost4/9/2016Dogchihuahua mix, one eye is blue
lost4/9/2016DogMaltese, not provided
lost3/28/2016CatShort hair, Gold eyes and small white patch under neck
lost3/1/2016CatDomestic cat, LARGE male
lost4/8/2016DogTerrier/pitbull, Orange collar . neutered
lost4/7/2016Catnot provided, stitches on belly
lost4/9/2016DogBeagle, She is longer than normal and short
Found4/8/2016DogBlak lab mix, Puppy. Black with white on chest and back paws
lost4/6/2016CatDomestic Shorthair, Male, neutered, red collar, declawed, slit on ear
Found4/7/2016DogPit or pit mix, not provided
lost4/8/2016DogBlack Golden doodle, red collar
lost4/8/2016CatCalico, Blue eyes slight bend at the tip of tail
Found4/8/2016DogBoxer, not provided
lost4/6/2016CatGold tip Siamese, Gold coloring on face / back / tail / paws
lost4/6/2016CatShort hair, no collar, has a crooked tail, yellowish eyes
lost4/5/2016DogFoxhound, Red and white with freckles on legs and chest
lost4/6/2016Dognot provided, Right ear flops over while left ear stays up
lost4/4/2016DogBrittany Spaniel, not provided
lost4/6/2016Dogboxer, black mask white chest and toes camoflauge collar
Found4/5/2016DogPit Bull Mix , Intact Male
lost4/5/2016Dogboxer/pit mix, brown collar
lost4/5/2016DogBoxer, blue/gray harness,cropped tail, white diamondneck
lost4/3/2016DogDachshund, female minature dachshund with white ermine chest
Found3/31/2016DogPitbull (maybe mix), Blue, somewhat worn out collar.
Found4/5/2016DogShih tzu, Purple harness
Found4/2/2016Dognot provided, Red collar
lost4/4/2016DogEnglish Setter, small scar on side
lost4/4/2016Dogchiuahua mix, not provided
lost4/4/2016CatUnknown, Purple flea collar
lost3/24/2016CatLonghair domestic, black spot on the roof of his mouth
lost4/3/2016DogMix. Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomer, Long black whiskers
Found4/4/2016DogMedium sized mix?, Brown, white belly,
lost4/4/2016Dogpit bull mix, small for a pit almost looks like a lab
Found4/4/2016Dogamerican pit bull, extra large
lost4/3/2016DogRottweiler, Cropped tail
lost3/30/2016CatJapanese bobtail , Has a short corkscrew tail.
lost4/3/2016DogLong-haired chihuahua, 3.5 lbs
Found4/3/2016DogGerman Shepard , License #583969
Found4/4/2016Dogpoodle, coller blue
Found3/30/2016CatHybrid, not provided
lost3/19/2016DogGerman Shephard, Left ear flops over
lost4/3/2016DogChihuahua, Pomerianian, Maltes, floppy ears, long tail black whiskers
lost4/3/2016DogRed Heeler , Docked tail, 2 spots on both eyes
lost4/2/2016DogYellow lab, Black collar
Found4/3/2016Dogchiuahua?, male, nails painted silver, green crocheted colar
lost4/3/2016Dogminiature poodle mix, black tip tail
lost4/3/2016DogBrittany Spaniel, orange collar
Found4/2/2016Dogdoberman pincher, black collar no tags
lost4/3/2016CatShort hair, Tuxedo like appearance, standoffish
lost4/3/2016CatMaine coone, Fluffy, orange tail with white tip, white fur ches
Found4/2/2016DogPitbull mix , Blue collar no tag, long tail, unfixed male
Found4/2/2016Dogmix pit, black head with a little white on forehead
Found4/1/2016DogGolden retriever , Chain link collar no tags