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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost11/22/2015Dogmastive, some white nose and chest
lost11/25/2015Dogcorgie, not provided
lost11/23/2015DogBoxer/mix, Blue collar
lost11/23/2015Catnot provided
lost11/17/2015CatDomestic shorthair , Microchipped black and orange face
Found11/25/2015Dogchihuahua mix, Black and Grey
lost11/22/2015CatDLH, White neck and chest, all four paws white
lost11/18/2015DogPitbull, White chest, black circle around one eye
lost11/22/2015DogMiniature Dachshund, not provided
lost9/9/2015DogChihuahua mix, Seattle Seahawks collar, Mohawks, Beard, wire hair
lost11/23/2015DogChihuahua terrier mix, Wirey hair, greenish collar
lost11/23/2015DogChihuahua terrier mix, Wirey hair, greenish collar
lost11/23/2015DogJack Russell, Red Collar
Found11/23/2015Doglab or newfoundland mix, Neutered male younger,brown eyes
lost11/23/2015Dogsmall poodle schnauzer mix , not provided
lost11/21/2015DogSmall (Maybe Chihuahua mix), White on chest and belly
lost11/5/2015Catnot provided, Nick on one of his ears from past cat fight
lost11/22/2015Doglab mix, has two collar. red and one black w/ some white d
Found11/22/2015DogYellow lab, Black colar
Found11/22/2015DogYellow lab, Black collar
lost11/21/2015CatDSH, Light brown stomach, pink nose, white chin
Found11/22/2015DogAffenpinscher, had vest and leash
lost11/18/2015CatDomestic medium hair, not provided
lost11/22/2015DogLabrador/Pitbull, Red Collar and Blk/Wht Collar
Found11/20/2015CatTabby, Goldish eyes, blue collar, star scraps tag
Found11/22/2015DogMini schnauzer , No collar or tag
lost11/21/2015DogPom/Chi, red and white collar
Found11/22/2015DogShepherd Mix, Light Purple Collar, No Tag
Found11/21/2015DogDachshund, Long haired
lost11/21/2015DogLong hair Dachsund (Weiner dog, not provided
lost11/17/2015Catunknown, a little bit bigger then a kitten green eyes
lost11/20/2015DogBeagle, Has a bad eye on the right and is an older dog
lost11/20/2015DogYorkie, Docked tail, no collar, weighs about 5 pounds
lost11/17/2015DogLab / Sharpay, Not Neutered
lost11/14/2015Dogpitbull, Large brindle $300 reward if returned
lost11/20/2015CatDSH, Pink and Purple collar with bell
Found11/19/2015Dogheeler/border collie, old injury of a prior possible broken leg
lost11/19/2015CatTuxedo, Female, White goatee
lost11/19/2015DogPoodle, pink collar, no hair on ears
Found11/19/2015Dognot provided, No collar, not chipped, young female
lost11/18/2015DogSharpe and lab mix, Black harness small ears from having surgery as a
lost11/17/2015DogBoxer mix, not provided
lost11/17/2015DogBoxer mix, not provided
lost11/18/2015DogYorkie, Blue collar and camo jacket. He is chipped
Found11/9/2015CatTabby, none
lost11/18/2015DogRottweiler, not provided
lost11/18/2015DogRottweiler, not provided
Found11/18/2015DogLabrador, No Collar
Found11/16/2015Dogshep/aussie?, found on 7 mile road
Found11/18/2015DogDachshund, not provided
lost11/17/2015DogBlack Lab, Nub tail not neutered
lost11/18/2015DogShitzu , Teal cheetah print collar / no name tag
lost11/18/2015DogEnglish Bulldog, not provided
lost11/16/2015CatMix. Tabby, Matted. Green eyes. Scar on belly ftom surgery.
Found11/17/2015DogPit (2), not provided
Found11/18/2015DogLAB, large boy, older with gray on back and m
Found11/17/2015DogYellow Lab Mix, Male, leather collar, friendly
lost11/16/2015DogChihuahua/ Terrier mix, camo jacket, black collar
lost11/16/2015DogHusky, Blue eyes, purple collar
lost11/15/2015CatDomestic long hair, green eyes
Found11/17/2015Dogborder collie x, Kong harness
lost11/16/2015DogWheaten Terrier , Cropped tail, short body hair, bearded face
lost11/14/2015Dogpitbull, not provided
lost11/16/2015DogPomeranian, shitzu, orangish spots all over his body. Cute as a button
lost11/14/2015Dogchaweeny, black harness blind in one eye
lost11/16/2015CatDomestic shorthair, Scars on left ear
lost11/15/2015DogPit mix puppy-female 5 month o, No collar
lost11/15/2015Catnot provided
lost11/9/2015Catnot provided, skinny, long, skittish
lost11/14/2015DogCocker spaniel, Gray chin. Unaltered, 12 yrs old, mostly blind and
lost11/15/2015DogBeagle, blue collar, WABR tags
lost11/2/2015CatDLH male, fixed, Taby face
Found11/15/2015DogGolden retriever , not provided
lost11/15/2015DogBlue heeler/Lab mix, green collar
lost11/13/2015CatLong hair , She has a lazy eye
Found11/1/2015Cat4-5 year old female very sweet, not provided
lost11/14/2015DogYorkie/ toy, stolen on fourth of july double kanines on bottom
lost11/13/2015DogChihuahua x spaniel , Female with White toes, long legs, floppy ears
lost11/13/2015Dogblack lab, not provided
lost11/4/2015CatCalico, not provided
lost11/7/2015DogMalamutes mix, Blue/gray collar with tags. Cataracts.
lost11/9/2015CatTortoise shell, Small nick in her ear
lost10/29/2015CatBlue Russian, silky grey, Side spayed, Green collar with bell
Found11/12/2015Dogposs great pyrenees mix, red collar
lost11/12/2015Dogborder collie, blue coller
Found11/11/2015CatRussian Blue (perhaps a mix), young cat (perhaps 6 months)
Found11/10/2015CatDSH, White chest, nose and mouth, black around eyes.
lost11/10/2015Dog(mistaked as a pitbul)Blue hee, Wearing a black harness with purple trim
lost11/12/2015Catnot provided
Found11/11/2015DogPossible Samoyed retriever mix, not provided
lost11/10/2015CatDSH, white chest and purrs loud
Found11/11/2015DogSchnauzer, not provided
lost11/6/2015DogPug, very curly tail with a kink at the end
lost11/11/2015DogBoxer, Black collar/blue leash
lost11/9/2015Dogshepherd/wolf, puppy, super sweet, sad looking eyes
lost10/22/2015DogRat Terrier/Chihuahua/Jack Rus, Puppy about 5-7 lbs, Tan on top of head have pic.
lost11/10/2015DogMorkie, White patch.on chin
Found11/11/2015Dognot provided, Red collar with Shasta Lake tags
Found11/7/2015Dogpit bull,boxer mixed with shep, male, unfixed with camoflauge harness injured paw
lost11/10/2015DogMorkie, white chin
lost11/10/2015DogBlack lab mix, Red collar
lost11/10/2015DogPit Bull, (GIRL) B&W checkered scarf and flower collar
lost11/8/2015DogPit / lab mix, Small white patch on back of neck, faded pink coll
lost11/2/2015CatDMH diluted calico, White under nostrils and on bottom jaw.
Found11/8/2015Dogdachshund mix, puppy .likes to play,low to ground.blackmuzzle
lost11/8/2015DogDachsund, not provided
lost11/6/2015Catlong hair calico, none
lost11/7/2015Catdomestic short hair, dark gold eyes and bushy tail. He is chipped.
lost11/8/2015DogMixed, Med sized. Funny sounding bark.
lost11/8/2015Doglab/retreiver, red collar,bad back tooth
lost11/8/2015Dogboston terrier, not provided
lost11/4/2015Catcalico, black around eyes/ white nose/mouth/chest
Found11/8/2015Dogrottweiler ... maybe, not provided
Found11/7/2015DogTerrier mix, Very old. Grey face. Female
Found11/7/2015DogLooks like the dog off the mov, not provided
Found11/6/2015DogChi mix, No collar, no microchip about 5 yrs sm maybe 10#
lost11/5/2015DogMiniature Schnauzer, Scruffy, longer hair, ears not cropped
lost11/2/2015CatDMH Tabby, White under nose and on bottom jaw
lost10/27/2015DogGerman Shepard, pink collar, black dot on each side of face
Found11/5/2015DogChihuahua x, not provided
lost10/31/2015Catamerican, lazy, solid grey, 24 lbs, chipped
lost11/5/2015DogShih Tzu, Partially shaved, blue collar, pregnant
lost11/4/2015DogLab, 2 collars 1 orange and 1 gray collar dog hops alot
Found11/2/2015Dognot provided
lost11/1/2015DogEnglish Setters, Purple collars.
Found11/4/2015DogHeeler, Blind
lost11/2/2015CatTabby, not provided
lost11/4/2015DogLab, large male, neutered
Found11/4/2015DogBoxer/mix, cropped tail probably only 14 weeks old
lost11/4/2015DogBoxer mix, Cropped tail
lost11/1/2015Catnot provided, long hair all black with a beard of white
Found11/4/2015DogCairn Terrier, not provided
lost11/1/2015CatTabby, striped white and orange long tail
lost11/1/2015CatTabby, not provided
lost11/2/2015Doglab boxer mix, purple collar
lost10/28/2015CatShort haired tabby, Greenish yellowish eyes
lost11/3/2015DogCairn Terrier, Red Collar with name Woodrow, pointy ears and tail
lost9/15/2015Catnot provided
lost10/30/2015DogMini Malteese, not provided
lost11/2/2015CatDLH Male, Still young about 4 months
lost10/14/2015DogShi Tzu/Poodle Mix, underbite and bad hips
lost10/29/2015Catshort hair, White nose, bib, and half socks, rust colored eyes
lost11/2/2015CatDMH, N/A
Found11/2/2015Dogpitbull, white markings on chest, orange walking harness
Found11/2/2015Doggerman shepherd, not provided
Found6/1/2015Catnot provided, white circle around snout
lost10/26/2015CatDomestic Short Hair , Crooked tail, gry hairs in ear, sparatic whi hairs
lost10/26/2015Catnot provided, Crooked tail, few grey/whi hair ears & belly
Found11/1/2015DogHusky, Found at night in Foothills of Spokane
lost11/1/2015DogLab , White face, golden coat color, collar with ID tags
lost10/21/2015Catdsh, white paws, white triangle on nose and an "s" on c
Found11/1/2015DogBlack lab, Older female lab with grey around face, red collar
Found11/1/2015DogMin Pin, not provided
Found11/1/2015Dog1 Black and 1 Blonde Lab, No collars
lost11/1/2015DogChihuahua mix, Green line tattoo on stomach
lost10/30/2015Dogshih tzu/ maltese, all black with some tan undersides
lost10/25/2015CatMix Breed long hair, An "M" on his head thats black and goldish eyes
lost10/31/2015DogMin pin mix, not provided
Found10/30/2015DogSheepdog/labradoodle mix, not provided
Found10/30/2015DogTwo labs, Orange collar
lost10/28/2015CatCalico, Curled tail, sparkly collar
lost10/29/2015CatMix, Bone tag w/ ad. 2604 E 39th Ave
lost10/29/2015CatRussian blue/ female / spayed, Wearing green collar with bell/
lost10/29/2015CatRussian/ blue short hair, Female/Green collar with bell /spayed/
lost9/26/2015CatDlh, not provided
lost10/30/2015DogGerman Shepherd/husky , White on belly, paws, face
Found10/29/2015DogScottie mix?, Neon green collar and a grey and black sweater
Found10/27/2015DogPap chah mix maybe puppy not e, Call to identify marks
lost10/23/2015Catnot provided, white mark on her chest and two white tipped toes
lost10/20/2015DogMastiff/Pit, Red collar, burn scar on back hip.
Found10/28/2015Dogbeagle/husky/german shepherd?, wearing a skull bandana
lost10/26/2015DogChihuahua , Fresh scar from being spayed, white fur neck
lost10/27/2015Catcat, neuter
lost10/26/2015CatHimalayan, Blue eyes, neutered male
lost10/27/2015CatPersian mix medium long hair, half black and half light brown face
Found10/27/2015DogLong hair Yorkie rat terrier m, Long hair, long tail, pink collar
Found10/23/2015Doggolden Lab , not provided