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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost4/19/2014DogBlack Lab/Chow Mix, old, 50lbs, very shy
lost4/19/2014Dogpomarianain/toypom smalldog, I believe collar is red,hard to see through fur
lost4/17/2014Catcat, purple coller
Found4/18/2014CatTabby, not provided
Found4/15/2014Dogpom/mix, fuffy
lost4/18/2014DogChihuahua, brown , not neutered
lost4/12/2014Doglabrador retriever , gray on here bottom jow
lost4/13/2014CatSiamese, Dark facial color
lost4/11/2014DogLab/Springer mix, brown head with white muzzle, brown spot on tail
lost4/16/2014DogChihuahua, big ears
lost4/13/2014DogYorkshire terrier, Tipped over ears, Micro chipped 8.5 lbs, male
Found4/18/2014Dogterrier, blue tail, black collar
Found4/17/2014DogMaybe Lab Mix, Female, White Diamond on chest & white front paws
lost4/16/2014CatDomestic long hair - female, Green eyes, has a microchip
lost4/15/2014CatUnk, not provided
lost4/14/2014Catdomestic short hair, leopard print collar, white patch on chest
lost4/16/2014CatGrey long hair, One green eye, right one sewn shut
lost4/16/2014Dogblack lab mix, pink collar, choker chain, missing , puppy 48lbs
lost4/16/2014Dogdauschand, she very pretty and has perfect blk rings on her e
lost4/16/2014Dogpoodle mix, no collar. high pitched bark
lost4/16/2014DogAustralian Sheperd, Blue eye and brown eye, collar on
Found4/9/2014DogLabador Retriever, older, hip displasia, camo breakway collar
lost4/16/2014DogDachsund, Neutered, tattoo, blue spot in one eye
lost4/14/2014Catshort hair tabby, under chin dark patch
lost4/15/2014DogPitbull Terrier, BlueCollar,Gorgeous brwn eyes w/brwn patchesaround
Found4/14/2014DogBoston terrier, female, Also both front paws are white, very sweet!
Found4/14/2014OtherParakeet, Small
lost4/10/2014CatScottish Fold, Chipped
Found4/13/2014Doglab mix? large, older male gray on face
lost4/8/2014DogPit Mix Puppy, Black collar, green eyes, white chest
lost4/13/2014DogLab, 110lbs
lost4/13/2014Dogminiature pinscher, cropped tail fixed white on chest and back paws
lost4/10/2014DogChihuaha/Jack Russel Mix, male - not neutered
lost4/12/2014DogTea cup Chihuahua, 2 years old
lost4/11/2014DogBlue nose pit bull, black choke chain 3 white paws and on chest
lost4/12/2014Doglab, none
lost4/12/2014Doglab, none
lost4/12/2014Doglab, none
lost4/11/2014Dogpomarainan, dark brown on back
lost4/9/2014Catdomestic long hair tuxedo , May still have pink claw covers
Found4/11/2014DogHusky?, Pink collar with a Tagg Pet Tracker
Found4/11/2014DogBoston Terrier, I think?, Female/Dark-orange sparkly collar/Very sweet.
Found4/10/2014DogShepard Mix, Blue collar, brown eyes
Found4/10/2014DogBig Golden Lab Mix, well fed, big, , maybe 110 [bs, seems intact,
lost4/10/2014DogSiberian Husky, Collar Blue - with LIC tags
lost4/9/2014Catdomestic short hair cat fixed , missing right eye. left eye injury,
Found4/9/2014CatHUGE, None
Found4/7/2014DogPomeranian and Chihuahua, Pink collar
lost4/9/2014Dogpit bull terrior, not provided
lost4/8/2014CatTabby, White paws, belly, neck area and markings on face
lost4/8/2014DogLab/boxer/Pit bull Mix, Wearing a pink/black backpack
Found4/8/2014Dogpug, not provided
lost4/8/2014CatSiamese, grey spots on sides and on her tail
lost4/8/2014DogSgitzu mix or Pomeranian poodl, No collar
lost4/3/2014DogHusky Shephered 1/4 rot....1/4, just a black collar has a floppy ear
lost4/8/2014Dogpoodle, Short brown poodle, very round
lost4/6/2014DogGerman Shepherd, Black collar w/ reflective stripe & Bone shape tag
lost4/7/2014DogYoung Shepard Mix, male, Choke chain
lost2/22/2014CatBengal, heart shaped spot on right side, sm nick left ear
lost2/22/2014CatBengal, heart shaped spot on right side, sm nick left ear
lost4/7/2014Dogchiweenie, not provided
lost4/5/2014Catdomestic , microchiped and neutered
Found4/4/2014Dogmini snouzer possible terrier , about 3 years cropped ears, cropped tail
lost4/2/2014CatMaine Coon, Bushy tail with kink on the end
Found1/25/2014Catsemi-long hair tortoiseshell/m, not provided
lost4/4/2014Catnot provided, crooked tail
Found3/28/2014CatOrange tabby, not provided
lost4/5/2014DogSchnauzer/terrier mix, Blue collar, terrible haircut, floppy ears, 17 yo
lost4/4/2014Cattabby , not provided
lost4/5/2014Dogmix poodle/terrier, floppy ears
lost4/4/2014DogBeagle, not provided
Found4/3/2014Catnot provided, Short white hair, gold eyes
lost3/31/2014CatDomestic Short/Medium Hair, Left 1/2 of nose and mouth is white
lost3/30/0214CatDSH/Tortie, microchip:
Found4/4/2014Dog?lab/shepard mix?, black collar, blue vacine tag
Found4/3/2014DogBoston terier, not provided
lost3/31/2014Catdomestic, not provided
lost3/23/2014Dogshitzue/chihuahua , under bite..makes her look goofy at times
lost4/1/2014Dogpure bred beagle (extra fat), typical beagle
lost4/1/2014DogPomeranian, Blue collar, white paw prints, 5lbs
lost3/31/2014Dogpit bull, long thumb on right paw
Found3/31/2014DogGreat Pyrenees, not provided
Found3/30/2014DogMaltese x, Lame front foot
Found3/31/2014DogMini Pinscher, Cropped tail, Red harness,gold chain collar
lost3/29/2014Catnot provided, has 7 claws on both front legs and 5 claws on back
lost3/29/2014CatMed. hair cat, not provided
lost3/29/2014Dogchihuahua, Black around eyes, large oval black spot on hip
Found3/30/2014DogGolden retriever , Pink and black tiger and or zebra design on collar
Found3/30/2014DogBlue nose pit bull, Dent on left side of skull
lost3/28/2014CatOrange Tabby, white rings on the end of tail, dark spot r hip
lost3/29/2014Cattabby, 10 lbs / short hair
Found3/29/2014Dogpit bull mix?, Blue collar with a snap hook
lost3/29/2014DogChesapeake Bay Retreiver, Gray around Muzzle and brow.
lost3/28/2014DogLabrador Retriever, White on chest, graying muzzle, white spot on foot
Found3/28/2014DogPug/Beagle mix, not provided
Found3/29/2014Dogcurly tailed mixed breed, med , dark lines coming from his eyes like eyeliner
lost3/28/2014DogJack russel terrier, red collar with tags with old ph # 509-879-1772
lost3/25/2014Cattabby, left ear is split
lost3/16/2014Catnot provided, Medium Hair
lost3/22/2014DogTerrier, not provided
Found3/27/2014DogMaltese or Shitsu?, not provided
Found3/27/2014Catcalico, not provided
lost3/26/2014Catnot provided
lost3/22/2014DogPoodle Mix, Long Tail
lost3/18/2014Catmedium to long hair , Black over both eyes
lost3/27/2014DogPurebread Poodle, Color
Found3/27/2014Doglab mix? , faded striped zebra collar, missing tag..
lost3/25/2014Catblack/white, very loving
lost3/26/2014Catshort hair, if he is faceing you he has a spot on his left ear
lost3/24/2014Dogblack mutt, long hair curled up tail medium size
lost3/25/2014DogBlue Heeler, About 50lbsWhite spot on head, gray ruff no collar
lost3/24/2014Catlong-haired, green eyes black long haired
lost3/25/2014Catnot provided, black spot on nose, med. length thick hair, fixed
lost1/2/2014DogBlack lab/terrier/pit bull mix, Red fabric collar, white spot on chest, gry muzzle
lost3/25/2014Dogchihuahua, blue harness
lost3/19/2014Catunknown, white around his mouth, black and gray on his body
lost3/25/2014DogMostly blue heeler , Old, bark collar
lost3/15/2014CatTabby mix, green eyes, grey patch over left eye
lost3/22/2014DogLabrador, Missing one eye
lost3/23/2014CatSiamese, Brown face looks like a mask on her face.
lost3/23/2014Catunknow., grayish brown
Found3/23/2014DogChihuahua, pink collar
lost3/22/2014DogShih tzu, small, stout, no collar
lost3/7/2014DogBorder Collie, Blue eyes
lost3/21/2014DogYorkie, not provided
Found3/22/2014DogChocolate Lab, not provided
lost3/22/2014DogFull Bread Beagle, her collar was off, chip has my name but old numbe
Found3/22/2014DogPit bull, Collar but no tags
Found3/21/2014DogRat Terrier Type, Red ears red spots Curly Tail