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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost6/30/2015DogGerman short hair pointer , cropped tail
lost6/30/2015DogTEACUP POODLE, small,fluffy/curly hair,looks like puppy but isn't
lost6/27/2015CatLong-haired (Russian Blue/Pers, neutered male / declawed
lost6/27/2015CatLong-haired (Russian Blue/Pers, neutered male / declawed
lost6/29/2015DogLab/Red Heeler mix, Collar, black spot on his tail
lost6/28/2015DogBorder collie mix, red collar and metal chain collar
Found6/30/2015CatDomestic Shorthair, Long thin body/tail, male, large paws (young?)
Found6/18/2015CatOrange male cat. Older 7- 10 t, Thin. Found on 17 by Franklin school.
Found6/29/2015DogDachshund , red and grey bone collar and flea collar
lost6/28/2015Dogdog: pitbull, pink collar
Found6/27/2015Catshort hair, small, injured back right leg
lost6/28/2015DogBorder collie/ pit mix, white line down center of nose between eyes
lost6/26/2015CatMixed Domestic, some Russian B, White markings on chest and belly.
lost6/26/2015Catdomestic short hair, thin, diabetic
lost6/28/2015Dogpitbull mix, two front white feet with black spots
lost6/25/2015DogTerrier/Maltese Mix (Small), not provided
lost6/6/2015DogLab (yellow), Crooked tail; overweght
Found6/27/2015Dogpitbull mix, not provided
lost6/27/2015Dogchihuahua mix, white chest, long legs, floppy ears
Found6/27/2015DogGerman Shepard , Brown collar
lost6/27/2015DogGerman Shepherd, Last Name
lost6/27/2015Dogshiz zu, collar, wrong number
lost6/27/2015DogKing St. Charles, number on collar is wrong
lost6/27/2015DogChihauhau, Fat, purple collar
lost6/25/2015CatPersian?, Gray long hair, nails just trimmed, fixed.
lost6/25/2015DogGerman Shepard , He's all white..
lost6/26/2015Dogschnauzer and shitzu mix breed, no collar, long ears
lost6/26/2015Dogpoodle/cocker spaniel , red growth under his chin
lost6/24/2015Catnot provided, Long Fur, Pink Nose & Ears
lost6/25/2015CatSiamese, Diamond collar, handicapped
lost6/25/2015DogRed/blue Heeler Mix, Red collar, cropped tail
lost6/20/2015CatManx, Siamese, No tail, declawed
lost6/23/2015Dogpit bull, pink collar, 1 year old, white face and front legs
lost6/5/2015CatShortish hair.pinkcollar.eyest, 6toed.Sli-orange chest w/white strips
lost6/23/2015Catshort hair, back legs look like white pants
lost6/25/2015CatShort hair half seimese , Neutered female
Found6/23/2015CatOrange Tabby Shorthair, not provided
lost6/8/2015CatGrey/brown tabby, Very small and timid. Doesn't like being picked up
lost6/24/2015CatSiver Tip Persain, Just had a hair cut so medium lion cut hair
lost6/21/2015CatShort hair - 18mo old, White paws
lost6/23/2015DogLab, a small white spot on chest
Found6/23/2015CatLong hair Siamese Mix, She is a real cutie
lost6/23/2015CatMale neutered Tabby, Green Eyes walks with a limp(dislocated shoulder)
lost6/24/2015CatMixed, Black collar bell, large cat
lost6/15/2015Doglab mix, red colar, white toes and chest, male
lost6/23/2015DogMorkie (Maltese & Terrier), not provided
Found6/22/2015DogSheltie mix, not provided
lost6/23/2015DogChow Lab, Black Tounge
lost6/21/2015Dogblue heeler, black specks all over body
lost6/11/2015CatTabby, White belly, face and paws
Found6/22/2015DogLong haired Chihuahua , No chip
lost6/10/2015DogLab , Crooked tail
lost6/17/2015CatDomestic Long hair, 6 toes on front paws
lost6/2/2015DogChuwawa/Shih-zu Mix, White Mohawk, white wirey haior with larger black
lost5/2/2015DogBorder Collie/BlaƧk Lab Mix, Black & rainbow colors collar, either her name and
Found6/21/2015DogPit, Blue collar
lost6/20/2015DogMutt, Brown with white underside, black & white on face
Found6/21/2015Dog2 Husky puppies , Young enough they still have their masks
lost6/20/2015OtherSable ferret, Feet white, and around nose and mouth, dark brown
Found6/11/2015Doghound, beagle???? mix, multi colored pink
Found6/20/2015DogPit, No collar
Found6/20/2015Dogunsure, not provided
lost6/19/2015CatUnknown, Blue and white stripped collar w fish tag
Found6/20/2015Dognot provided, male, no collar
Found6/19/2015Dog2 pugs, One older man and a female.
lost6/18/2015CatDSH female, spayed, darker line of fur down spine and tail; collar?
lost6/7/2015CatRussuian Blie, White breast - white socks - green eyes
lost6/18/2015DogBlack Lab / Border Collie mix, Pink choker collar
lost6/18/2015Dogblue bully pit bull /grey, white chest/ ring finger white
lost6/18/2015Dogrot/lab, white muzzle. rot colors, lab size
lost6/17/2015CatCalico/Torti, Crook in her tail, microchip: 073-263-572
lost6/7/2015CatShort-haired Neutered Male 3 y, White on nose, chest & paws
lost6/13/2015Cattabby?, small with a big belly
Found6/17/2015DogPitbull female, Red collar
lost6/5/2015Catnot provided, Orange tint tummy
lost6/13/2015CatUnknown / mixed , Older cat starting to grey. Very friendly
lost6/15/2015CatRussian blue mix, Missing hair around neck
lost6/13/2015CatPersian, All Black, One front claw is grown out and back in
Found6/16/2015CatKitten, not provided
lost6/15/2015DogJackrussel / healer mix, Fixed /blue ink on her belly
lost6/15/2015Catlong hair domastic, flea collar purple
lost5/27/2015CatDSH altered female, darker line of fur down spine & tail; collar?
Found6/15/2015CatCalico?, Medium length hair, very thin - male
lost6/16/2015DogMini Poodle, turquoise collar, no tags
lost6/13/2015Catmedium hair tabby, not provided
lost6/10/2015DogAll American pit bull , One blue eye and one brown eye
Found6/14/2015OtherCockatiel Bird, not provided
Found6/14/2015DogBorder Collie Mix, Collar
lost6/14/2015Dogbeagle mix, curled tail
lost6/7/2015CatShort hair tabby, very small and timid
Found6/13/2015DogYorker mix, pink collar
lost6/13/2015CatDomestic Short hair, white calico 10 months old
lost6/12/2015Catnot provided, White on chest, and fat wiggly belly
Found6/13/2015DogTerrier mix with curly tail, Male puppy, pink collar, no tags, curly tail
lost6/12/2015DogMin-pin/chihuahua mix, has black line in face from head to nose
lost6/12/2015Dogfawn Chihuahua, very skinny in rear end
Found6/12/2015DogGolden retriever possible mix, not provided
lost6/12/2015DogMini Aussie, Lab, purple flower collar, puppy, docked tail
lost6/1/2015CatShort hair, White chest & belly - very friendly
Found6/12/2015DogChihuahua , not provided
Found6/10/2015DogChihuahua, Camouflage collar, no tags
Found6/11/2015Dogmixed breed, med size, wearing collar
lost6/12/2015DogMasriff, None
lost6/11/2015DogBorder Collie/St. Bernard, Has freckles on one side of nose/green collar
lost6/12/2015Dogpit bull, white chest, golden eyes
Found6/12/2015Catnot provided, thick black tail stripes
lost6/11/2015Dogbeagle, white tipped tail
lost6/10/2015CatTortoiseshell female, very little 4 lbs, black tail gold eyes, friendly
Found6/12/2015DogSpaniel, White bangs
lost6/10/2015Doglab/pit mix, blue collar
Found6/11/2015DogSmall dog, not provided
lost6/9/2015CatShorthair , SWAT has one eye removed.
Found6/11/2015DogCollie??? Sheep dog breed, not provided
lost6/10/2015DogMiniture Pomeranian , (Female)
lost6/11/2015DogGerman Shepherd , collar, fixed, should have a chip deaf in one ear
Found6/10/2015CatShort hair, Lemur stripe tail. Black and white.
lost6/10/2015Dogdacshund/chiwawa, light colors mixed with red
lost5/8/2015DogToy/Mini Pomeranian, had a light pink striped flea collar
lost6/9/2015Catsiamese, gray and brown markings on back
lost6/8/2015CatMaine Coon, all white paws long haired, M on forehead
lost6/10/2015DogBlue Healer ( Australian Cattl, Black collar with tag/ Racoon tail
Found6/8/2015OtherGoat, Male, red collar
lost6/10/2015Dogchihuana, not provided
lost6/9/2015CatDomestic longhair, Pudgy
lost6/7/2015Catnot provided, Black Skull Collar
lost6/9/2015DogViszla, No collar, white face, docked tail
lost6/9/2015DogViszla, No collar, white face, docked tail
lost6/3/2015CatSiamese Cross, Many abdominal scars. Can feel sharp point of rib.
lost6/9/2015Dogprom chi, pink collar with tags, husbands medical dog
Found6/9/2015Dogpoodle mix?, small collar, sweet dog.
lost5/21/2015DogPomeranian/jack Russell terrie, Green collar/tags/chip/crooked tooth
lost6/6/2015CatDSH, not provided
Found6/9/2015DogMixed small breed. Terrier/chi, White around mouth/small studded collar
lost6/8/2015CatShort hair, male, adult, adult, male
lost6/8/2015CatDomestic White Short Hair, She has an amputated tail from injury.
lost6/8/2015OtherSulcata Tortoise, 10-12 inches long
lost6/8/2015DogMastiff , Cropped tail
Found6/8/2015Doglooks like small pincher, red collar
lost6/7/2015CatSiamese, chipped
lost6/8/2015OtherIguana , 4-5 ft long male green Florida iguana
lost6/7/2015CatTabby , Black "M" on forehead; chubby; female; declawed
lost6/8/2015OtherIguana , 4-5 ft long male green Florida iguana
lost6/6/2015CatDomestic Long Hair, Chipped and Nuetered
lost6/5/2015CatDomestic long hair, Declawed, long white eyebrows and whiskers
Found6/1/2015Doglabrador retreiver, chain collor
lost6/4/2015Cattabby, white paws and white tux. tabby. male
lost6/6/2015CatUnknown, White under coller, belly, and tail.
lost6/6/2015CatCalico, Black covers eye like mask; chest is white
Found6/6/2015CatShort hair , Green eyes, friendly but skittish, thin
lost6/6/2015Dogdeer Chihuahua, not provided
lost6/6/2015Dogchihuahua mix, blue plaid collar w/scraps tag
lost6/7/2015DogLhasa apso mix , Red collar with battery box on it
lost6/6/2015Dogshi tzu, around two inch hair length
Found6/7/2015Doglab mix?, blue rope collar
lost6/5/2015DogMini Boston Terrier, Female and is about 5-6lbs
lost6/3/2015Dogsiberian Husky/ shepard mix, not provided
Found6/4/2015OtherRabbit, Brown nose
lost6/6/2015DogSiberian Husky , female, leather collar, blue eyes
lost6/6/2015DogShitzu/Maltese Mix, green/blue bow tie collar
lost6/4/2015DogAussie X, tumor right rear leg, old
Found6/5/2015DogGolden retriever, Red nylon collar
Found6/5/2015DogGolden retriever, Chain collar
lost6/5/2015Catcalico, she is have chip in her
lost6/4/2015CatShorthair, 10 lbs. missing some hair on belly. Skiddish.
lost6/4/2015DogBlue nose brindle, White belly white on paws
lost6/5/2015DogLab Mix, white tip tail, white belly, white paws
lost6/5/2015DogLab/Brittany Spaniel Mix, white line on face, white paws
lost6/4/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, Injury on Tail, dark spot on lower lip
lost6/4/2015DogChiweenie, Has a chain
lost6/1/2015CatSiberian,LARGE long hair siame, blue eyes, fearless
Found6/4/2015Dogweiner, not provided
Found6/3/2015DogLhasa Apso , red collar, no tags or microchip
lost6/2/2015DogDachshound, Long hair. Camouflage collar.
lost5/25/2015CatCalico, face is half brown half black, long tail and hair
lost6/3/2015DogPom. mix, Fluffy
lost6/3/2015DogShih Tzu mix, not provided
lost6/3/2015DogMini Pincher, cropped tail/ no coller
lost6/3/2015DogChihuahua, Blue harness & blue leash
lost5/31/2015CatGrey Tabby, little chunky, yellowish green eyes
lost6/2/2015DogLab, Red and black wireless fence collar
lost6/2/2015DogHusky/German Shep, Black line down her back
lost5/19/2015CatShort hair domestic, not provided
lost5/31/2015CatRussian Blue, teal collar and he is a 25-30 lbs. cat
lost5/28/2015CatTabby Cat, green eyes. Kink in the tip of his long tail.
lost5/20/2015Otherrussian tortoise, orange spot painted on top of shell
lost6/1/2015DogJapaneses Chin , not provided
lost5/27/2015DogHeeler, blue collar
lost5/28/2015Catmix long hair, coller white under chin
lost6/2/2015DogGERMAN SHEPARD MIX, Pointed ears, curly tail, bright orange collar
Found6/1/2015OtherParakeet, not provided
lost5/31/2015Catmale neutered , long hair and big fluffy tail
lost5/23/2015Catnot provided, Just has been Altered, so hair just growing back
Found5/31/2015DogLab, Older brown marks on front legs
lost5/30/2015DogPit mix, not provided
lost6/1/2015Dogrottweiler/pit/golden retrieve, White marking on chest and tips of toes
lost6/1/2015DogSpringer Spanial, limps..bad right hind leg, partially shaven neck
lost6/1/2015DogBasset/Red Heeler Mix, White blaze on face, two big red spots on back
lost5/27/2015Catshort-hair female tabby, darker ridge of fur down spine & tail; collar ?
lost6/1/2015DogBorder Collie, Aus Shep mix, not provided
lost5/30/2015Otherred eared slider turtle, large turtle about 12in. female
Found5/31/2015Doggerman shepard/lab?, no collar
lost5/26/2015CatDomestic Shorthair, neutered male w/ID chip he has short hair
lost5/31/2015Dogmix, long small dog 8-9 years old
lost5/31/2015Dogmix, long small dog 8-9 years old
Found5/31/2015Dogpomeranian, female