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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
Found2/17/2015CatTabby, large neutered male
lost3/5/2015DogMin pin, Small 9 pound Doberman looking
lost3/2/2015Dogpomeranian and shitzu , blue
lost2/24/2015CatTABBY, LONG-HAIRED
lost3/3/2015Dogpotol mix, just white
lost2/28/2015DogLab/Rotweiller, Red Collar
lost2/20/2015Dogshitzo, not provided
lost3/3/2015CatTabby, not provided
lost3/2/2015DogGolden retriever, Red colar name on it mocha
lost3/1/2015Catnot provided, fluffy tale
Found3/2/2015Doglab mix, white chest
lost2/27/2015CatTabby, Has a hard chunk of hair on her tail from wax
lost3/2/2015DogGreat Dane/Lab mix, Red collar, ear infection in right ear
lost3/1/2015Catdsh, declawed Front
lost3/2/2015DogBorder Collie, not provided
Found2/27/2015Dogpart pit bull , Scrap tag #597266
lost3/1/2015DogBelgian Shepherd mx, very poiny ears, a little over weight
lost3/1/2015DogBelgian Shepard MX, about 80#- orange collar. split in left ear
Found3/1/2015CatTabby , Male, caps on front claws
lost2/28/2015DogGerman shepard, Collar, old tags, about 10yrs, 125 plus - friendly
lost2/27/2015DogGerman short hair, Camo color, short tail
lost2/22/2015Catdomestic short hair, teal collar, white on chest, feet, face
Found2/21/2015DogGolden Retriever, not provided
lost2/26/2015DogPit Bull mix, Regular chock chain collar, ears are perky.
lost2/25/2015DogBoxer, purple collar, white chest, unaltered, white sox
Found2/25/2015DogHeeler mix, Neutered male. Young with no collar
lost2/20/2015DogAlaskan husky , female, white eyelashes
lost2/26/2015CatTabby?, fat
lost2/25/2015Catnot provided, has a orange dot right by his nose
lost2/23/2015CatOlder Tabby 13 yrs.?, Left ear curled down
lost2/24/2015CatMaine Coon, Longhaired / Has a few black freckles on his nose
lost2/23/2015CatMaincoon, Large long hair male cat
lost2/23/2015DogSmall older female black lab m, May have a collar on Lost in Suncrest
Found2/17/2015DogPom, Very small red colored
lost2/23/2015Catbombay, yellow eyes, fixed, small white patch on chest
lost2/23/2015DogGladiator Pitbull, unneutered, blue collar, wearing an Elizabethan co
Found2/24/2015DogGolden Retriever, Tail has scar on it
Found2/23/2015DogYellow Lab, not provided
lost2/11/2015DogGreat Pyrenees, Dmitri has a purple collar/Faith has green collar
lost2/22/2015CatBoston Terrier, Leather collar with silver conchos
lost2/22/2015DogMiniature Daschund (Smooth), pink and black zebra collar
lost2/22/2015DogAmerican pit red nose, blue collar
lost2/22/2015CatGrey tabby, tan underbelly, similar to a serval
lost2/22/2015Dogpit terrior mix, black collar and white patch on chest
Found2/21/2015Doggolden retreiver, green collar red leash
lost2/21/2015DogWhippet/Terrier, black colar, white diamond on back license chip
Found2/21/2015DogBlack Shepard?, Had a red harness and black leash
lost2/21/2015DogLabrador, Short Tail, Dk Grey Leather Collar, Small
Found2/17/2015DogKing Charles Cavalier, You tell me
Found2/11/2015Catnot provided, white star on neck and little white spots on tummy
lost2/19/2015DogBorder Collie/Austrailan Shepa, Blue Collar/Friendly
Found2/17/2015DogShih tzu mix, collar with california tags
lost2/19/2015DogCorgi, red collar, white stripe up his face
Found2/19/2015DogGerman Shep pup, has one tan spot above each eyebrow
lost2/14/2015DogLabrador, Female. Missing part of left ear
lost2/1/2015CatPure white, not neutered
lost2/10/2015CatDomestic, Tuxedo, medium - lon, Looks similar to Sylvester (Looney Tunes)
lost2/14/2015CatDSH, 4 month old male kitten
lost2/11/2015DogChihuahua, White "C" on Chest
lost2/15/2015DogBlack Lab/Shepherd Mix, Narrow build, medium height, black, white on chest
lost2/18/2015DogDouble Dapple Dachshund, bump on under belly
lost2/16/2015CatTuxedo, Picture:
lost2/17/2015Dognorwick. terrier, he had on green caller with paw prints
Found2/14/2015Dogn/a, green collar, stubby tail
lost2/16/2015DogGerman Shepard/Rotweiler, White streak down chest, studded brown collar
lost2/17/2015DogPug-Shitzu mix, fluffyhair/short around face, watery runny eyes
lost2/14/2015Dogboxer pit, white on his chest
lost2/13/2015DogPom, White on chest
lost2/16/2015DogGerman Shepherd/Healer mix, green color with peace, love rescue
lost2/16/2015DogChihuahua, not provided
Found2/16/2015Dogboxer/med breed mix?, no collar
lost2/11/2015DogAustralian Shepherd, Collar, GPS Tagg
lost2/16/2015DogPoodle mix, None
lost2/2/2015DogSchnauzer/Terrier, brownish beard
Found2/16/2015CatCalicao cat, Pink collar
lost2/16/2015Dogsiberian husky, one blue eye one brown eye. thin blue collar
lost2/14/2015DogPit bull , redish brown collar with studs
lost2/15/2015Doglabradoodle / wired hair, not provided
lost2/14/2015Catdumsitic, wight with black spots male
lost2/14/2015CatCalico, long white whiskers
Found2/14/2015DogYellow lab, not provided
lost2/14/2015CatRagdoll, Fish collar, looks like he wears a mask
lost2/12/2015CatTuxedo, not provided
lost2/11/2015CatDomestic Medium long hair, Had pink color on when lost, Female unaltered
lost2/13/2015Dogblue heeler, green fluorescent coller
Found2/14/2015DogChihuahua, shorthair,older, female, white muzzle, overweight
Found2/14/2015DogPit Bull Mix - Friendly, Black Collar w/metal diamonds decoration
lost2/13/2015CatBlack and White tuxedo, Looks like he is wearing a tuxedo, Scar on paw
lost2/4/2015Dogminiature dachsund, not provided
lost2/14/2015DogPit/Shepherd Mix, fawn/white belly, shiny coat, friendly
lost2/12/2015DogBlack Labrador, black collar used with an invisable fence
Found2/14/2015Dogsmall terrior, blue collar
lost2/13/2015Cat?, not provided
Found2/14/2015Dogboxer/pittbull mix - male, chain collar
lost2/8/2015Doggolden retreiver, long haired
lost2/13/2015Dogbassit hound/ boxer, white patch on chest and has a red collar on.
Found2/12/2015Dogbasset, not provided
Found2/12/2015DogChihuahua/terrier mix, black nylon coller
Found2/12/2015DogChihuahua/terrier mix, black nylon coller
lost2/11/2015Cattuxedo , face is half black half white. Long black tail
lost2/12/2015DogMaltese, Black Coller with my number on the tag.
lost2/6/2015DogAustralian Shepherd , collared
lost2/6/2015DogGreat Pyrenees , chipped, collared
Found2/8/2015Catother, un-neutered male, about 7-9 mos.
lost2/6/2015DogBlue Heeler/Cattle Dog, 10 mo.s old, short tail
lost2/12/2015DogGreat Dane/Lab mix, Red collar, ear infection in right ear
lost2/11/2015DogBrittany spaniel, Pink collar
lost2/10/2015CatTabby/Male, red collar with ice blue eyes
lost2/5/2015DogChihuahua / long haired , whitepatch on chest like tie, big eyes ears long
Found2/10/2015Dogmale mix young short tail , brown eyes short tail
Found2/11/2015DogPug, Red collar, tag #59058
lost2/1/2015CatTuxedo, Black and white body, black chin
Found1/12/2015Catnot provided, Short hair, two black marks on shoulders
lost2/9/2015CatSiamese, black face, whitish body, black legs and tail
lost2/10/2015Catnot provided, Belly hangs and swings when he walks and runs.
Found2/9/2015DogCocker Spaniel, Pink Collar, docked tail
lost4/16/2012DogBlue Heeler, Blk patch left eye Half blue right eye Docked tail
lost2/8/2015Catdomestic long hair, he meows a lot
lost11/15/2015DogPomeranian, Chihauhau, She had a pink and purple collar.
lost2/8/2015DogShepard/ wolf mix, black studded collar
Found2/9/2015DogAkita/Husky mix, Has collar and tags.
Found2/9/2015DogGerman Shepard, Has a collar- didn't get the color
lost2/8/2015DogPuggle, blue collar
Found2/8/2015DogTwo Boxers, Example: black and brown
lost2/8/2015DogYellow Lab/ Golden retriever m, Inside bottom right leg, Black scar
lost2/7/2015DogBorder collie, Pink collar with tags
Found2/8/2015DogPit mix, not provided
lost2/7/2015DogBorder Collie, Pink Collar
lost2/3/2015CatMix, Should have a collar and tag, long hair, small
lost2/6/2015Doglab/husky mix - smaller female, red collar, white front left paw
Found2/6/2015Catnot provided, very thick fur, hairs on tips of ears
lost2/6/2015DogMiniature Schnauzer, small for breed with long straight hair
lost2/5/2015DogLonghair chihuahua , White mark on chest , big eyes, longhair on ears ,
lost1/1/2015Doglab mix, not provided
lost2/4/2015DogShih tzu bichon, red collar
lost2/4/2015DogPomeranian puppy, Brown eyebrows
lost2/3/2015DogAkita/Shepherd mix, Black collar, black nose with a white spot.
Found2/4/2015DogHusky , Black collar with pink paw prints, no tags
Found1/31/2015Catnot provided, male
lost2/4/2015Dogpug mix, dark brown ears noise and tail
lost1/29/2015Catmedium hair, white feet white chest black spot on nose
lost1/29/2015DogTerrier Whippet, black colar, white diamond on back licenced chippe
lost1/29/2015DogTerrier Whippet, black colar, white diamond on back licenced chippe
lost2/2/2015DogShepherd/Wolf mix, black collar with bones. Golden eyes.
lost6/21/2009DogBorder Collie, Black patch on right eye,Microchipped,female