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Police Reports

Police reports are prepared by law enforcement and provided to your attorney. They are an important part of the case, because they are the best available way to predict the evidence that will be presented against you in court. 

Police reports are not always 100% accurate, or complete. Even if the reports are accurate, not all of the information is admissible in court.  It is important that you and your attorney review the police reports as soon as possible. Your attorney wants you to tell him/her what parts of the report are not correct, and what additional evidence is available to present your side of the case. 

Police reports are not controlled by your public defender. Reports are controlled by the prosecution and law enforcement. Sometimes it takes several weeks for your attorney to obtain a copy of the police repots. Sometimes new police reports come in long after your case starts.

PLEASE NOTE that your attorney cannot and will not give you your own copy of the police reports. This is not a decision made by your attorney, and it is not a policy of the Public Defenders' Office. Washington State Court Rules prohibit an attorney from providing copies.