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Superior Court Judges for Criminal Cases

For calendar 2009, most Superior Court felony matters are heard in the following courtrooms. (Duties are typically assigned for one-year periods, beginning each January).

In 2013, the Superior Court Presiding Department (Plea Judge) is Judge Ellen Clark, courtroom room #400. The Judicial Assistant is Tracy Pilkington at 477-6006.

Most pleas, sentencing's and motions are heard at the Chief Criminal Judge, Hon. James Triplet, courtroom #403.  The Judicial Assistant is Mary Bennett at 477-5713.

The Superior Court Drug Court Judge is the Hon. Harold Clarke, courtroom #405.  The Judicial Assistant is Linda Sutton at 477-5717.

You can view on-line dockets for these judges, including specific clients and the time of their hearings, at (On this calendar, the Presiding judge is called the "Plea Judge," and the Criminal Presiding judge is called the "Chief Criminal Judge.")