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Current Deals and Specials

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City of Spokane Golf Discount Cards Accepted September thru End of Season

Do you have a golf discount card from City of Spokane Parks & Recreation Golf?

Starting September 1st, all Spokane County golf courses will honor City of Spokane golf discount cards. Come and enjoy discount card rates at Liberty Lake, Hangman Valley, and MeadowWood.

18-hole discount card rates are:

• $24 Adult or $22 Senior (Mon-Thu all day and Fri-Sun after 3pm)
• $27 Adult or Senior (Fri-Sun before 3pm)

9-hole discount card rate is $18 Adult or Senior (Mon-Thu all day and Fri-Sun after 3pm)

To receive discount, simply advise pro shop staff at check-in that you have a City golf discount card.

This discount excludes prebooks, replay, and tournaments.  This discount may not be combined with any other promotions.  Current discount may end without advance notice.


Senior Multi-Play (Punch) Cards Are Now Accepted On Fridays (all day) At Liberty Lake & Hangman Valley

  • Senior 10-Play
  • Senior 30-Play
  • Senior 50-Play

Senior Season Passes are still accepted after 3pm Friday-Sunday for no additional charge or as a Discount Card before 3pm Friday-Sunday for $27/round.

This promotion may not be combined with any other promotions. Current promotion may end without advance notice.


Purchase a $30 Discount Card to enjoy discounted rounds all season long. 

Mon-Thu all day,
after 3pm
Before 3pm
   18 Holes $30 $32
   18 Holes with $30 Discount Card $24 $27
   9 Holes $22 $32
   9 Holes with $30 Discount Card $18 $27
Senior (60 years old for any portion of the calendar year)  
   18 Holes $30 $32
   18 Holes with $30 Discount Card $22 $27
   9 Holes $22 $32
   9 Holes with $30 Discount Card $18 $27


Friday Morning Senior Special

Friday before 9am with Senior Passes (Discount Card, Punch Card, Season Pass)

$22 for 18 holes (normally $32)
$18 for 9 holes (normally $32)
Also, 25% OFF carts at Liberty Lake and MeadowWood

All rates include applicable taxes. Does not apply to Tournament or Pre-Book. Current special may end without advance notice.