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Spring 2014 Golf League
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Spokane Golf League

Fall season registration is open.  Sign up here!
Start teeing off on Mon Aug 25.

Love competitive golf, but have a hard time fitting tournaments into your busy schedule? Are you a match play fan? Then the Spokane Golf League is for you. It's a modern approach to tournament golf. 

Experience the thrill of match play golf based on USGA Handicap Index and tailored around your schedule. Play four regular season matches and compete for your spot in the playoffs. The top 16 players make the single elimination playoff round and win guaranteed prize money.  This is not a fantasy golf league. You play your matches on the course. Select a home course and get ready to compete! You won't just be playing for fun. Compete for a dozen Pro V1 balls every week and prize money for those who qualify for the playoffs. Spokane Golf League: Tee it up!

"I have had a great time, and have spoken with others that say the same thing, with the [Spokane] Golf League. I think it has been well organized and will be a big success here in Spokane. I plan on doing the next season as well."
                                                                        Greg Smith

  Spring 2014 Season Winners Prizes
Week 1 Birdie Contest Susan Conard A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Week 2 Birdie Contest Kevin Watkins
Bret Knapp
A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Week 3 Birdie Contest  Andrew Zeik A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Week 4 Birdie Contest  Susan Conard A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Quarterfinalists Gregory Butler
Jeff Fishman
Scott Kramer
Greg Smith
$125 gift cards
Semifinalists Bret Knapp
Brad Moeller
$175 gift cards
Finalist  Susan Conard $250 gift card
Champion James Macdonald $675 gift card
Gift cards may be used for future green fees, cart rentals, range balls, lessons from the pros on how to win this League next season, and pro shop merchandises at any Spokane County golf courses, not just your home course.  Our gift cards never expire.

  • One game per week all season long:  one game per week during regular season and one game per week during the playoffs.
  • Men will play from the White Tees.
  • Email forwarding:  messages on will be forwarded to your email so you don't have to check the website as frequently.

Learn more and sign up here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone 13 or older (both male & female) with an active USGA handicap.
How do I get a USGA handicap?
Join the WA State Golf Association or the NW Players Club.

THE ONLY Spokane championship net match play golf tournament that caters to your schedule.  4 regular season games, then top 16 qualify for the playoffs.

4 weeks of regular season followed by 4 weeks of playoffs.
            (Dates are tentative.)
            Spring season:  April 1 - May 20, 2014
            Fall season:  August 25 - October 19, 2014

Play at any Spokane County golf courses - Liberty Lake, Hangman Valley, and MeadowWood.  The home course player gets to select the course at which to play.
Can we play on a course not listed for the Spokane Golf League?
No, other courses are not in the website database.

For bragging rights, of course.  Besides, each Division Champion gets $675; Finalist gets $250; Semifinalists get $175 each; and Quarterfinalists get $125 each (based on a full field).

How do I get paid?
All payouts are in the form of Spokane County Golf gift cards which may be used for future green fees, cart rentals, range balls, lessons from the pros on how to win this League next season, and pro shop merchandises at any Spokane County golf courses, not just your home course.  Our gift cards never expire.  They are distributed at the end of the season.

How much does it cost?
$85 entry fee per season plus applicable green fee.  You may use your adult/senior discount card, adult/senior/junior multi-play card, or senior season pass.  You must follow our tee time reservation policy or prebook at the posted prebook rate.

How often do we play?
One match per week.
What if I'm gone for a week?
You can schedule two matches in a week or ask your opponent for an extension.  If you cannot play, your opponent does have the option to take a default victory, but hopefully they will want to play.
Can I play an unplayed match once the playoffs start?
No and your un-played matches will be removed once the playoffs begin.

Why are there byes?
Unless there are exactly 32 or 64 players (the divisions only go to 98), there will be byes.
I see there are 4 players with byes.  Why can't they play each other?
Because the byes occur in different weeks.
Who determines which players receive byes?
Byes are randomly assigned by the program.

Can I use a range finder?
Yes as long as it only calculates distance – not weather, humidity or wind. See USGA Rule 14-3 Appendix I: Part B Section 9.

How do I schedule my matches?
Contact your opponent through the League message system.
What if my opponent does not reply to the League messages?
Contact the League administrator at and he will contact your opponent.

Do I post net or gross scores online?
You post gross and the website will make the calculations.

I see on TV match play when someone wins, they stop playing.  Should we stop playing?
No. Keep playing so you can post your scores.

Can I post Spokane Golf League matches as a tournament?
Yes you can.

How are course handicaps calculated?
We use the USGA formula - your handicap index multiplied by slope, divided by 113, and rounded to the nearest whole number.
For example, a 5.7 handicap playing a course with a slope of 131 would have a 7 handicap for that course ((5.7 x 131)/113 = 6.608; rounded to nearest whole number).

Which tee do I play from?
Men play from white; 65 or over can play from gold.
Ladies can play from red.

Learn more and sign up here!