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Free Agents

TrophyThe Spokane County Parks Recreation Program offers a variety of team sport opportunities for area residents. Basketball, Dodgeball, Softball, and Volleyball tournaments are offered throughout the year. On occasion there are teams that are a person or two short, or there are individuals looking for a team to play for. That's where our Free Agent Program comes in!

Free Agent Sign Up

If you are an individual looking for a team, use our Free Agent Sign Up Form to register as a Free Agent. Just tell us which activity you prefer, what your ability level is, and what your gender group you want to play in, and we will make your contact information available to teams that are looking for players. Sign up now!

Free Agent List Request

If your team is short a player or two, we can help! Start by reviewing our Free Agent List to see if there are any Free Agents that match your teams needs. If you find a suitable Free Agent you can Request a Free Agent List of users that match your activity.

Free Agent Tips

  • The Free Agent List may be purged periodically (about once every 3 months) to ensure the information is current.
  • Your Free Agent contact information may be provided to teams that request it.
  • Joining the Free Agent List does not guarantee placement on a team.
  • If you have any questions about the Recreation Free Agent Program or wish to be removed from the Free Agent List, please email