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Prarie View photo 1
Prarie View photo 2
Prarie View photo 3 Dogs must be kept on Leash. It's the Law!
News! Prairie View Park has received funding from the Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office to expand Prairie View Park and add amenities. See below for more detail.

Prairie View Community Park


Prairie View Park was acquired in 2006 with a 10.2 acre addition in 2012. 7.4 acres were subsequently developed as both a community park and an aquatic facility. The site is fully developed and landscaped with an aquatic facility, basketball court, picnic shelter, and other amenities. Located off of the Palouse Highway, this park serves residents on the South Hill as well as the rural Palouse.  

The remaining 10.2 acres will be developed with grant funding assistance from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office in 2016-2017.


3724 E. 61st Ave

Key Services

Gates Open: N/A
Restrooms: Closed for the season
Trash Service: Closed for the season

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List of Amenities

South Side Family Aquatics Facility, Shelter, Playground, Climbing Wall, Paved Trail.

Prairie View Park Expansion and Enhancement

Grant funding from the Recreation and Conservation Office has been received and work will soon be undertaken to add a variety of improvements and expand Prairie View from 2016 - 2017. See links below for more detail:

Site Plan for Park Improvements
Site Plan for Little League Field Improvements

Shelter Reservation

Prairie View Park has two shelters ("East" and "West") that may be reserved for a fee. Both shelters are approximately 27' x 27' with 4 electrical outlets, picnic tables, and a water fountain. Both are ADA accessible. To reserve a shelter, please click here.

Please click below for more photos of the facility.

Click here for East Shelter Photos. East Shelter Slideshow East Shelter Slideshow

Click here for West Shelter Photos. West Shelter Slideshow West Shelter Slideshow