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Person-Centered Recovery Planning

Below are documents pertaining to the Person-Centered Recovery Training with Janis Tondora, Ph.D.:


Article - The Top Ten Concerns About Person-Centered Care Planning in Mental Health Systems

Child, Adolescent, and Family Issues: Team-Based Planning and the Wraparound Process

Introduction to the Documentation of Person-Centered Service Plans

PCRP Outcomes Research Article


SCRSN Learning Collaborative Person-Centered Recovery Planning Schedule & Objectives

Blank Recovery Plan Template

Charting to the Plan - Skill Building Language

Clinical Monitoring Tool 2015

CSP Encounter Note Mr. Blake Sample

GIRP Format Notes

Ingrid - TOT Training Example

Ingrid - PCP Formulation Example Answer

Ingrid - Plan Only Case Example

Inpatient PCP Process Monitoring Tool

Mr. Blake Assessment 2013

Mr. Blake Narrative Summary 2013

Mr. Blake Sample Plan 2013

Narrative Summary (WORD Version)

Objectives Booster Exercise 2014

Person-Centered Care Questionnaire - Family Member

Person-Centered Care Questionnaire - Person in Recovery

Person-Centered Care Questionnaire - Practitioner

Person Centered Recovery Plan PowerPoint

Person-Centered Supervisor Presentation 7-7-14

ROMA Inpatient - Summary Only

Sample Plan - Chris

Sample Plan - Chase

Sample Recovery Plan Worksheet

Sample Assessment

Sample Treatment Plan

Spokane Supervisors Follow-Up (3-10-14)

Strengths Based Assessment Sample

Strengths Based Language - Reference Sheet

Toolkit for Persons in Recovery

Toolkit for Persons in Recovery - Spanish  

Toolkit for Persons in Recovery (WORD Version)

Toolkit for Persons in Recovery - Spanish (WORD Version)