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Death Certificate Information 


Health Care Providers Certifying the Cause and Manner of Death

Physicians, Physician’s Assistants or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) are required to certify the cause and manner of death if the Medical Examiner is not taking jurisdiction. In most of these cases the manner of death will be certified as Natural.

  • NOTE in cases where any injury, accident, suicide or homicide has occurred the Medical Examiner must be notified

The links below provide some guidelines from the Washington State Department of Health and the CDC as to how to fill out the death certificate.

Excerpt from WA State Department of Health Death and Fetal Death Registration Handbook – Medical Certification of Cause of Death

CDC’s Physician Handbook on Certifying Cause and Manner of Death 



General Public - How to Obtain a Copy of the Death Certificate

The Medical Examiner’s Office does not have the authority to issue copies of the Death Certificate, only the Department of Vital Records or the Funeral Home of choice can provide these to you.

Copies of the death certificate are often needed to make insurance claims, transfer titles, and to finish other financial business. Most funeral homes will help you get copies of the death certificate.

To obtain a copy from The Spokane Regional Health District Department of Vital Records please call (509) 324-1524 or access their web page via the following link: