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Jail Tours

Spokane County Jail Public Tour Information

All tour requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the requested tour date.
Please read the general rules below before calling to schedule a tour.

Tour scheduling: Jail Operations Support Unit (509) 477-6670

Download the Jail Tour Information, the  Jail Tour Signature Form, or the Jail Pass Application in PDF format. 

General Rules for Public Tour Participants

The following are rules/guidelines of the Spokane County Jail. Please read them thoroughly to ensure you have a complete understanding of the requirements governing you while you are a visitor at this facility.

  1. Tour groups shall be limited to eight (8) participants. Up to 16 people may be accommodated and split into 2 groups.
  2. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) will not be allowed access.
  3. Reasonable accommodations will be made for handicapped or disabled person provided the accommodations do not adversely affect the security, safety, and operations of the facility.
  4. Official picture identification must be provided at the time of the tour.
  5. All participants are subject to a backgrounds record check, and are required to complete the Authorization of Record Check form at the time of the Public Tours request. That form is available below.
  6. The Facility will evaluate the background check data to determine approval or denial of access. Deciding factors for denial include:
    • The person must not have been incarcerated on a misdemeanor offense in the past three (3) years.
    • The person must not have been incarcerated on a felony offense in the last five (5) years.
    • The person must not have had any existing court, parole, probations, or supervision program in the last three (3) years.
    • A person who has been incarcerated on a class A felony offense shall be denied access, unless approved by the Facility Commander.
    • If the identity of the subject of the Authorization of Records Check cannot be conclusively proven without further investigation.
  7. Participants will be subject to a security screening/search of their person and property at the time of the tour.
  8. All personal property must be secured, and participants may be required to empty pockets if requested by jail security staff. Lockers are available outside the main lobby; the jail is not responsible for items left unattended or in lockers.
  9. Tours will last between one and two hours. Alternative schedules may be authorized by the Jail Training Deputy to accommodate the needs of the facility and applicants.
  10. All members of the public and non-departmental staff are required to sign a Tour Agreement acknowledging their awareness of, and compliance with the rules and guidelines governing facility access. Violation of any conditions of agreement will result in termination of the tour.
  11. Participants of a public tour shall wear an issued “visitor” badge at all times, returning it at the end of the tour.
  12. Participants cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during the public tour.
  13. No audio or video recording and no photographs are permitted during the tour without prior authorization from the Facility Commander.
  14. Appropriate attire must be worn, as determined by the staff member giving the tour.
  15. All Laws will be enforced, paying particular attention to Escape and Introduction of Contraband.
  16. Tour participants may not engage in conversation, or give/exchange any item with the inmates.
  17. Violation of these rules/guidelines shall result in your tour being terminated. Please understand our primary concern is for your safety and the safety of the persons living and working here at this Institution.
  18. Additional information or form requests can by made to the Sheriff's Training and Personnel Unit, Deputy Darren Dinwoodie at (509) 477-6603.