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Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year many businesses and individuals support the Spokane County Interstate Fair. There simply is no other event quite like it in our area! From creating consumer awareness for your products and services to demonstrating that one of your top priorities is community responsibility, the Spokane County Interstate Fair is the ideal platform for reaching the Greater Spokane Area family market. The Spokane County Interstate Fair is part of this area's great history. The first fair in Spokane began in 1894. In 1952, the Spokane Interstate Fair opened its doors at its current site on the corner of Broadway and Havana. The ten-day Spokane County Interstate Fair is one of the area's largest annual events, greeting 189,450 guests in 2015 with an economic impact of over $6.5 million.

Spokane County Interstate Fair's tremendous popularity and high visibility create the perfect opportunity for increased visibility. In short, by becoming an Official Contributor / Sponsor to the Spokane County Interstate Fair, sponsors are offered a platform to reach targeted clients and remind the citizens of the Greater Spokane Area of their community commitment.

Our Sponsor Program offers a variety of ways to market your product and expose your company to thousands of consumers. Sponsorship opportunities are available to fit any marketing budget. Together, we can create the perfect sponsorship to suit your interests.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Erin Gurtel
(509) 477-2785