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Bull RidingBull Riding


Flat braided bull rope


Stay aboard for a full eight seconds and achieve a perfect score of 100.

Disqualified When

  1. Rider touches the animal with his free hand
  2. Rider touches himself or his equipment with his free hand
  3. Rider fails to stay aboard for the full eight seconds


The contestant can receive up to 100 points for a qualified ride. The ride is scored by two judges each allowed 25 points for the animal's performance and 25 points for the rider's performance. Riders are not required to spur in this event, making it much different from the other rough stock events (saddle bronc and bareback riding). Factors considered in the scoring are the cowboy's body position (rider should remain forward or "over his hand" at all times), use of the free arm, and spurring action. Although not required, spurring will add points to a rider's score. This event has become one of the most popular events at rodeos. It has inspired the spin-off of bull-riding-only events and its very own associations, Bull Riders Only and Professional Bull Riders Association.