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The Spokane County Interstate Fair welcomes the chance to work with the media each year. To make your visit to the Interstate Fair as pleasant as possible we have implemented a procedure to accommodate working media in an efficient manner while screening out non-affiliated persons seeking media privileges. The Press Pass will also allow Fair personnel to quickly identify reporters cleared for access and media privileges. Press Passes will be issued only to working press, radio, TV and photojournalists assigned to cover the Spokane County Interstate Fair. Freelance photographers and videographers are unable to obtain Press Passes. Press Passes used for purposes other than to conduct work while at the Fair may be revoked. This includes persons not authorized to use or have these credentials. Credentials may not be used outside of the scope of covering the Fair as a news assignment.

How to Request a Press Pass

  1. Please submit a letter on original letterhead by August 31, 2015 to the Fair and include a contact name and number at the news organization.
  2. The letter must list the names and titles of working media planning to cover the event as well as the dates that they will be working at the Fair.
  3. Depending on the request, credentials may take up to 48 hours to process.

How to Obtain a Press Pass

All persons representing media organizations that have completed a Press Pass request for the Spokane County Interstate Fair may obtain their passes by

  1. Coming to the Fair Office between September 4 and September 6 and showing valid “working media” photo identification from the media organization they represent. Identification must indicate position with media organization (i.e. reporter, staff writer, news director or editor).
  2. Having them mailed to the address stated on the original request. Please indicate on the request form that you would like to have them mailed or else they will remain in the Fair Office for pick up.

Parking Policy

Parking is limited. Those with Press Passes will be admitted to Area 2 Parking when accompanied by mobile access vehicles (satellite trucks, broadcast vans, etc.) or heavy equipment. Press Pass holders requiring access to the grounds outside of open hours will also enter via Area 2 Parking. Area 2 Parking is accessible by entering the facility off of Havana Street through the South Gate and proceeding east. At the end of the ballpark fencing, enter the Yellow Gate just to the north. Passengers without a Press Pass will be directed to purchase an admittance ticket at the nearest ticket gate. All other working media holding Press Passes will be required to park in any available parking space in either the Main Lot or South Lot and proceed to the nearest ticket gate with their Press Pass.


The only way to guarantee a seat for any of the Grandstand Arena entertainment is to purchase a ticket. Press Passes will not be accepted as admission into the grandstand during any of the paid events. All interviews and backstage passes must be arranged through the artist's management. The Spokane County Interstate Fair staff can provide names and phone numbers upon request and/or have you work with our on-site entertainment agent.