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2005 Spokane County Interstate Fair Trivia

Trivia Questions:

  1. How many people attended the 2005 Spokane County Interstate Fair?
  2. Which day of the Fair had the most people visit? And, how many people came that day?
  3. What baking contest made its first appearance in 2005?
  4. Who was the winner of the first-ever Fair Dogs competition sponsored by NW Spa and Pool?
  5. Who was the winner of the First Annual Fair Factor contest?
  6. How many entries competed for awards at the Spokane County Interstate Fair?
  7. How many total exhibitors showed livestock or handiwork at the Fair?
  8. What percent of exhibitors were Spokane County residents?
  9. Which department had the most entries?
  10. How many animals sold at the Youth Market Livestock Auction on Sunday, September 11?
  11. Who sent in the first entry form?
  12. What flower was featured in the Fair's artwork?
  13. How many giant sunflowers were exhibited at the Fair?
  14. How many judges does it take to judge all of the exhibits during the Fair?
  15. How many superintendents assist Fair Management and staff in producing the Fair?
  16. Where could one purchase a buffet meal at the Fair?
  17. How many vendors exhibit at the Interstate Fair?
  18. The Fair's PRCA Rodeo is a part of the Columbia River Circuit. During 2005, the Rodeo cross-sanctioned with two other circuits generating over 300 contestants. Can you name the other two?
  19. Which buildings / structures were opened and used for the first time during the 2005 Fair?
  20. What was the Sunflower Saddle Ranch and where was it located?

Trivia Answers:

  1. 193,301
  2. Saturday, September 17 saw 15,012 guests come through the gates
  3. Wow Now Pork Recipe Contest
  4. Duke owned by Wes Farrell
  5. Charles Moniz' winning all three heats
  6. 14,024
  7. This would include all departments found in the Exhibitor's Guide.2,121
  8. 82.37%
  9. Youth Crafts with a total of 1,277
  10. 145 61 sheep, 42 hogs, 21 goats, 13 steers, 6 rabbits, and 2 chickens
  11. Patty White of Spokane
  12. The Sunflower
  13. 46 total / 16 adults and 30 youth
  14. 121
  15. 48
  16. From the Country Kitchen located on the east end of the new food court buildings.
  17. 253 / 217 commercial and 36 food
  18. Montana and Wilderness
  19. The Plaza and Bay 4
  20. The Sunflower Saddle Ranch was an interactive area for children to learn to 'rope' and 'ride' as well as compete in pedal tractor races. The area was brought to the Fair by Fast Track Entertainment out of Cheney, WA.