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Ambassador Program

The Fair Ambassador Program (established in 2000) is open to all youth (male and female).  The candidates need to be at least a junior in High School up to 20 years of age.  The 2016 competition will be held on April 27 (with applications due on or before April 18).  Winners will receive a $500.00 scholarship to the educational institution of their choice.

Applications for the 2016 program will be available around December 1.  For further information and an application, please contact the Fair Office at (509) 477-2772 or via e-mail at

2015 Spokane County Interstate Fair Ambassadors

The competition began with applications from many contestants. After initial review of the applications, the contestants moved to the "interview round" to decide this year's Fair Ambassadors. 

Scholarships were donated by Insulation Specialists Inc. and Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes.  The program has been supported by the following - Butler Amusements, Camp Fire, Costco Wholesale, HUB International, Interstate Fair Food Vendors, Old Fashioned Country Kettle Corn, Pepsi Beverages Company, Pizza Rita, Ribail Advisory Services, Sky High Sports, Spokandy, Spokane Federal Credit Union, Spokane Indians Baseball, Wild Walls, and YMCA of the Inland NW.

Brianna Fields (Spokane Community College):

Brianna is the daughter of Reginald Fields and Valerie Leake-Fields.

Kyra Fromm (North HS):

Kyra is the daughter of Brett Fromm and Melissa DeCoria.

Caleb MacLean (Ferris HS):

Caleb is the son of Parish Strong and Todd MacLean.

Madyson Seward (Central Valley HS)

Madyson is the daughter of Vicky and Cary Seward.