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Contestant Katherine MerckKatherine Merck

Home Town:   Spokane, Washington
Year of Birth: 1990


What activities / organizations are you involved in?

My activities center around my three passions: horses, the great outdoors, and the Spokane community. I've enjoyed competing in AQHA horse shows since 2003, as well as being a dedicated member and competitor in National Reining Horse Association and Reining Horse Association of the Northwest shows since 2005. Besides travelling the Northwest to these events, I take advantage of Spokane's beautiful surroundings as vice-president of Gonzaga Rod and Gun Club, which I helped found. I volunteer as an elected board member of the Rotaract Club and I am excited to be serving as the public relations chair of Spokane's Junior Lilac Parade.

Have you been a contestant in any other royalty contests?

No. While I have not held a title, that's not an indication of my love of rodeo! Although I was not raised around it, my passion and involvement with horses led to my discovery and love of this incredible sport.

What are your future goals?

I would love to represent rodeo and the Lilac City as Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo and I hope to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo Washington. I plan to continue to compete in reining horse shows and push myself to constantly improve in the arena - both the horse show arena and the arena of life. After graduating from Notre Dame, I'm currently studying at Gonzaga University School of Law. As an attorney, I want to assist with the succession of estates, assets, ranches, and farms to the next generation.

Why would you like to become Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo?

As a Spokane native, I am so proud of the Lilac City and our fair and rodeo and I would be honored to represent them and share my enthusiasm for them with others. As someone who truly appreciates rodeo, representing the cowboys and cowgirls who carry on the western lifestyle and traditions that rodeo embodies would be a privilege. I would be thrilled to serve as a role model and to exemplify rodeo's virtues of honesty, fair play and hard work, along with the values of the sport that is a way of life for so many. Given the opportunity to be Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo, I will channel my motto "Live so enthusiastically you cannot fail" into promoting the sport of professional rodeo, the beautiful Lilac City, and most importantly the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo!