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Contestant Elizabeth WrightElizabeth Wright

Home Town:   Spokane, Washington
Year of Birth: 1994


What activities / organizations are you involved in?

I am currently involved in the 4-H program as a volunteer. As a 4-H volunteer, I am the Vice President of the 4-H Working Ranch Horse program and am a project leader for the Equitrekkers 4-H Club. In addition, I volunteer for the 4-H Know Your Government program. I also am a member of MERIT, a program for early childhood educators, through which I receive training for my job as a teacher at a local childcare center.

Have you been a contestant in any other royalty contests?


What are your future goals?

I have many dreams and goals that I would like to accomplish in the future. One of those include finishing my AA in biology and transferring to WSU to get my bachelors degree in animal management. After which, I will apply to veterinarian school in hopes of fulfilling my lifetime dream of receiving my DVM from Washington State University. Another goal of mine is to show my mare, Stormy, and gelding, Pepper Jack, in some APHA shows over the next few years. As far as the rodeo queen world is concerned, the one other title that I hope to obtain is that of Miss Cheney Rodeo.

Why would you like to become Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo?

As an eight-year-old barrel racer, I never dreamed of being a rodeo queen...all I wanted to do was to go fast. But at the age of fourteen, I met the queen coordinator for the local fair and rodeo and after talking with her, I knew I wanted to someday represent rodeo as a queen. After thinking about what pageants I should do, I knew that the Spokane Interstate Rodeo was the one that I wanted to run in. I do fair every year and love going to the rodeo and watching the queens fly around the arena each having a purpose for why they are there. I love the fun and exciting atmosphere of the fair and rodeo, everyone is truly there to have a good time and to grow from the experience. These are some of the many reasons that I would like to become Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen for 2014.