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Contestant Madi CastoMadi Casto

Home Town:   Otis Orchards, Washington
Year of Birth: 1994


What activities / organizations are you involved in?

At the university I attend, I hold a position on Eagle Entertainment as the Concert Coordinator.  I mainly bring musicians (however, I'm not limited to only concerts) to not only the Cheney campus but the Spokane campus (Riverpoint) as well.  With this position, I engage not only students but also their families, including their children through community outreach programs including family concerts, movie nights, and more.  I was a 4-H member for 10 years, but when I graduated in 2012 from East Valley High School, I transitioned into being a 4-H mentor.  It is in 4-H that I learned my horsemanship skills, got over my fear of public speaking, and truly learned what it means to be a volunteer and sportsman.  When my reign as Miss Cheney Rodeo was coming to a close, I realized that most of my "Sash Sisters" lived on the west side of Washington State; what was I to do?  I made the choice to join the international organization, Alpha Omicron Pi.  Joining this sisterhood gave me  group of women that are the sisters I had always been missing from my life.  Similar to rodeo queens, our activities in AOII contribute to the well-being of the Spokane, Cheney, and Eastern community.  Alpha Omicron Pi's national philanthropy is arthritis research and thus so many of our community service projects involve raising awareness and funding for arthritis, but we don't stop there!  We partner with the other sororities and fraternities of EWU to help empower young men and women, and raise awareness for autism, the Wounded Warrior Project, American Heart Association and many other wonderful charities and non-profit organizations.

Have you been a contestant in any other royalty contests?

Yes...last year I was honored to be the 2014 Miss Cheney Rodeo! 

What are your future goals?

I'm a Business Management major with a Geography minor.  After I graduate (on the beautiful red turf), I plan to be a true "eagle" and spread my wings and fly off to graduate school.  There I hope to become an Urban and Regional Planner and through my work stay true to Spokane's motto:  "Near nature.  Near perfect".  My goals for next year are that I plan to show my horse and continue to push myself to always be a better sportswoman and strive to be a stronger competitor in the show pen.  I would be honored and humbled to represent my hometown, the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo this year!

Why would you like to become Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo?

The "Lilac City" is my home and while I do my best to be humble, I cannot help but be proud of the rich history that it holds and representing the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo would merely be a privilege.  Nelson Mandela said "Do not judge me for when I have fallen, judge me for when I have fallen and gotten back up".  In the great sport of rodeo and in life, we may fall or take a tumble but the bull fighters or the pick up men can help us dust off our boots, climb back into the saddle, and help us get back on our way.  The rodeo clown may poke fun at us, but "clear minds and full hearts" are what keep us on the path to being better than ourselves.  Should I be granted the opportunity, through my travels I plan to promote this way of life, my beautiful "Lilac City", the "Evergreen State", and of course, the 29th Annual Spokane Interstate Rodeo!