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Pageant Contestants

Katherine MerckKatherine Merck

As a Spokane native, I am so proud of the Lilac City and our fair and rodeo and I would be honored to represent them and share my enthusiasm for them with others. As someone who truly appreciates rodeo, representing the cowboys and cowgirls who carry on the western lifestyle and traditions that rodeo embodies would be a privilege. I would be thrilled to serve as a role model and to exemplify rodeo's virtues of honesty, fair play and hard work, along with the values of the sport that is a way of life for so many. Given the opportunity to be Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo, I will channel my motto "Live so enthusiastically you cannot fail" into promoting the sport of professional rodeo, the beautiful Lilac City, and most importantly the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo! Learn more about Katherine Merck.

Courtney MontgomeryCourtney Montgomery

When you combine a sport with so much history, tradition and heritage and a city with just as much history, tradition and heritage you get the Spokane Interstate PRCA Rodeo; filled with champion cowboys and cowgirls, future generations watching the action on the edge of their seat and of course that legendary Spokane Thunder! As Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen I would have the honor of being a role model and sharing my love for the history, tradition and heritage of both rodeo and the beautiful Lilac City "with kids from 1 to 92". I would be privileged to be the spokeswoman for the Spokane Interstate PRCA Rodeo and promote our fabulous volunteers and sponsors who come together to put on a fantastic show every year in September and to share our little slice of heaven with Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Learn more about Courtney Montgomery. 

Alysa NortonAlysa Norton

Growing up, my roots were firmly planted in Western soil. From my first 4-H competition to my western-themed photography, the values and traditions of the old west have shaped my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a dream to meet new people, see new faces and experience new traditions from every rodeo town. The relationships a queen builds, both on the road and in her own home town, are extraordinary. I remember getting my first pair of Justin boots and couldn't wait to go to the rodeo to see the horses. As dust filled the air and the horses thundered in from the grand entry, it was then that I knew that I wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up! That little girl inside of me still has the dream to become a true cowgirl and put on a crown. Rodeo at the Spokane Interstate Fair has been a part of my life since I was but a wee child. I've been taught and learned much from such a proud sport. As dust fills the air, bulls snort, and the sound of horses hooves thunder through the arena, the Spokane Interstate Rodeo is truly one of Spokane's gems. It would be an honor to be Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo, for it is a way to carry on the heritage of the west and give back to the community that has given so much to me. In sharing my knowledge and love for the sport, I hope to inspire a new generation of cowboys and cowgirls to saddle up and head for the arena. My passion for rodeo and my relationships within the community will help bring the sport of rodeo to more families and a wider audience than ever before. It would truly be an honor and a magnificent opportunity to represent Spokane and those members of the community who help make the Spokane rodeo such a success each year.    Learn more about Alysa Norton. 

Elizabeth WrightElizabeth Wright

As an eight-year-old barrel racer, I never dreamed of being a rodeo queen...all I wanted to do was to go fast. But at the age of fourteen, I met the queen coordinator for the local fair and rodeo and after talking with her, I knew I wanted to someday represent rodeo as a queen. After thinking about what pageants I should do, I knew that the Spokane Interstate Rodeo was the one that I wanted to run in. I do fair every year and love going to the rodeo and watching the queens fly around the arena each having a purpose for why they are there. I love the fun and exciting atmosphere of the fair and rodeo, everyone is truly there to have a good time and to grow from the experience. These are some of the many reasons that I would like to become Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen for 2014.  Learn more about Elizabeth Wright.