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Picture of the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center staff at the Fairgrounds

The Spokane County Fair and Expo Center Staff takes pride in offering exceptional customer service and is here to assist you with all of your event needs. 

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Name Position Contact

Rachelle Buchanan

Office Assistant

(509) 477-2784

Craig Crocker

Facility Manager

(509) 477-3090

Cheri Crowley Receptionist (509) 477-2770  

Lynn Darrah


(509) 370-2380

Terry Dickinson

Event Production Coordinator

(509) 477-0297

Roy Evans


(509) 477-3098

Cory Goltiani


(509) 477-3098

Erin Gurtel

Marketing/Sales Manager

(509) 477-2785

Mark Harris

Event Maintenance Coordinator

(509) 477-3098

Rich Hartzell,CFE


(509) 477-2786

Jason Hibbs

Trades Specialist

(509) 477-3437

Bill Johnston


(509) 477-2773

Kyle Kilham


(509) 342-6576

Greg Knapp


(509) 477-3098

Jessica McLaughlin,CFE

Fair Coordinator

(509) 477-2772

Cindy Warner

Office Manager

(509) 477-2771