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Photo Gallery

2008 Pageant

  Contestants of the 2008 MSIR Pageant   2008 Contestants after the announcement of the 2008 MSIR Photo   Dignitaries at the 2008 MSIR Pageant   

Michelle Hunter is the 2008 MSIR   First Runner-Up is Brianna VandeKamp  Second Runner-Up is Kahla Noel

Michelle Hunter's 1st Photo as the 2008 MSIR   Today's Queen meets Tomorrow's Queen  

 Various Parades

 Lilac Parade Michelle Hunter  Lilac Parade Pooper Scooper Unit  Lilac Parade Pooper Scooper Help

 St. Patrick's Day Parade Michelle Hunter  

 Other Photos

 Michelle Hunter at the 2008 CWU Rodeo