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Newly Adopted No Shooting Area Designations
Christensen Road Bridge Project Awarded to Airway Heights Company
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Argonne/Pasadena Park Corridor Project

 The public was invited to discuss and comment on Spokane County’s existing and proposed grant projects for Argonne Road area at the Pasadena Park Elementary School that is located at 8508 E Upriver Drive, Spokane, WA 99212 on March 14, 2013 from 4 to 7 PM. The projects that will be discussed are (1) Pasadena Park Elementary School Sidewalk – existing and future sidewalk projects (2) Argonne Road Grade Separation Project for the Centennial Trail, (3) Argonne Road/Upriver Drive Intersection Congestion Mitigation, (4) Argonne Road Reconstruction – Wellesley to Bigelow Gulch, (5) Bruce Road Preservation Project – Stoneman Rd. to Peone Rd. , and (6) Bruce Road Reconstruction Project – Peone Rd. to Day Mt Spokane Rd.

Public Comment Form (view/print)

Public Meeting Displays

Argonne Rd and Upriver Drive Rd 2013  - Traffic Data AM TM
            (Peak Hour Turning Volumes 7:00am - 8:00am)
Argonne/Pasadena Park Corridor Project - Traffic Data LOS Table
            (Levels of Service)
Argonne Rd and Upriver Drive Rd  - Traffic Data PM TM
            (Peak Hour Turning Volumes - 4:30pm - 5:30pm)
Argonne Rd and Upriver Drive Rd - Traffic Data VOL TM
            (Peak Hour Volume | Total Vehicles Entering Intersection)

Argonne Rd Projects 
            (Bigelow Gulch Rd to Stoneman Rd Map)
            (Wellesley Ave to Bigelow Gulch Rd Map)

Bruce Rd Projects
            (Peone Rd to Day Mt Spokane Rd Map)
            (Stoneman Rd to Peone Rd)

Centennial Trail
(Aerial Map of Current and Proposed Routes for Centennial Trail)

Centennial Trail Undercrossing
            (Aerial Map of Centennial Trail Undercrossing at Argonne Rd Bridge)

Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Projects
            (Aerial Map of Upriver Dr, Wellesley Ave/s, Argonne Rd areas)