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Meeting Notice May 4, 2016 9-10:30am Spokane County No Shooting Area Advisory Committee
Market Street (Parksmith Dr to Farwell Rd) Closure Monday, April 11, 2016
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Spokane County Flood Damage
Protection Ordinance Update 2010

The Spokane County Flood Damage Protection Code (Chapter 3.20) is being revised, initially to incorporate the title of the new Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and DFIRMs, update to the new FEMA terminology and update fees to the current Engineering & Roads fee schedule.  At the same time we are proposing some additional revisions and additions including: conditions when an engineering study can be waived for encroachments,  elevation certification waiver if well outside of the flood hazard area, a "mid-construction" elevation certification requirement for construction of structures in or near a flood hazard area, "wet" floodproofing option for agricultural and accessory structures and engineering certification of ability to withstand 100-year flows for all proposed works in the floodplain that have potential impact to public health, safety and property.

Public Hearing Notice

Tuesday, March 22, 2011, at 5:30 pm
(or as soon as possible thereafter)
Commissioner's Assembly Room
Spokane County Public Works Building
1026 W. Broadway Avenue
Spokane, WA  99260

The purpose of the above scheduled public hearing is for the Board of County Commissioners to consider public testimony regarding the amendments to the Ordinance from those recommended by the Planning Commission. 

A copy of the Spokane County Flood Damage Protection Ordinance with proposed revisions with additional amendments under consideration highlighted in blue can be viewed here: View Code Revisions here.

A SEPA for the Spokane County Flood Damage Protection Ordinance Update has been circulated. The public comment period closed at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, June 16, 2010.   View SEPA here




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