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Traffic - Signal Reporting

If you notice a problem with a traffic signal, please let Spokane County know about it.

Information that is useful when reporting a signal problem; intersecting road names, direction of travel, what type of problem (what kind of damage to signal, yellow light out, etc.) and contact information (optional).

Red light(s) out:

Please call 509/477-3600 immediately during regular business hours.

Non-Business Hours: Please call the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center at 509/343-6401

Signal Not Working: Typically, if the signal is not working (lights are not illuminated) there is a power outage. In this case, the intersection operates as an all-way stop. When the power is restored the signal should begin functioning properly. If not contact Spokane County.
Signal is Damaged: Please call 509/477-3600 immediately during regular business hours.
Other Signal Issues: Please call 509/477-3600 during regular business hours or e-mail us at


Spokane County appreciates citizen reporting of signal issues such as:

  • Yellow or green light out.
  • No green light - if you wait at a red light and all other directions have cycled through, there may be a vehicle detection problem.
  • Walk Indication - you pushed the pedestrian button and all directions have cycled and still no walk indication.