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Road Improvement Districts (R.I.D.)

What is a R I D?

Forming a Road Improvement District (R I D) allows property owners a way to upgrade their road while improving their neighborhood and increasing their property value. With limited funds to improve the road system, the county must focus its available resources on arterial roads that are the most heavily used. That leaves very little for making improvements to local neighborhood roads. However, under state law (RCW 36.88) a R I D is a special benefit assessment district which allows property owners to cooperate with one another and with the county to finance road improvements in their neighborhood. R I Ds are used for improvements which result in a benefit to the properties in the district.

R I Ds can:

  • Re-build or upgrade existing public roads.
  • Finance new paving, curbs, gutters, storm drainage or sidewalks.
  • Improve existing private roads, which must then be included in the county's public road system.

R I Ds cannot:

  • Be used to maintain (grade, gravel, oil or plow) existing roadways.
  • Improve private roads that remain private.

To form a R I D you need to:

  • Gather neighborhood support for a road improvement.
  • Submit the request and a letter of support from many of your neighbors.

The County will:

  • Prepare a preliminary improvement concept, cost estimates and assessment methods.
  • Hold an informational neighborhood meeting to discuss ideas with the owners.
  • Schedule the public hearing and election to form the district.
  • Coordinate all aspects of construction.
  • Develop the final assessment roll, based upon actual project costs.

Starting the R I D process...

Any local resident, owner, or community group may request that a R I D be formed in their area. An informal letter of support, signed by a majority of the owners, is required to start the process. Requests are considered on a "first come, first served" basis. For more information on the process, please link to the pages listed below...

Completed R I D Projects