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Mitigation Plan Objectives

Approved Objectives

  1. Sustain continuity of local emergency and government operations, including the operation of identified critical facilities, during and after a disaster.
  2. Reduce natural hazard-related risks to potentially isolated/vulnerable populations within the planning area.
  3. Improve/protect systems that provide warning and emergency communications.
  4. Utilizing the best available data and science, continually share updated information on hazards, risk and ways to reduce risk with all stakeholders within the planning area.
  5. Strengthen codes, land use planning and their enforcement, so that new construction can avoid or withstand the impacts of natural hazards.
  6. Provide/improve flood protection with flood mitigation measures and drainage system maintenance plans.
  7. Provide/improve fire protection thru proactive fuels management programs.
  8. Assure coordination between participating [jurisdictions] and adjoining communities.
  9. Work to lower emergency service response times, including through improvement to transportation facilities.
  10. Retrofit, purchase or relocate structures based on one or more of the following criteria: level of exposure, repetitive loss history, and previous damage from natural hazards.
  11. Seek mitigation projects that minimize environmental impacts, improve the environment’s ability to absorb the impact of natural disasters, or seek ways to mitigate their impacts on the environment.
  12. Encourage mitigation of private property through programs such as the Community Rating System, Firewise and Storm Ready programs.