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Search and Rescue

An affiliation of volunteer groups formed to coordinate search and rescue activity, and to promote outdoor safety education. Coordinating Agency; Spokane City/County Department of Emergency Management.

Per RCW 38.52.400 The chief law enforcement officer of each political sub-division is responsible for the search and rescue activities. In Spokane County this is primarily the Sheriff's Department where it has been assigned to the Department of Emergency Management. The Department of Emergency Management has trained coordinators, both volunteer and paid professionals. All SAR deputies have assigned vehicles and respond immediately upon notification. The department has full equipped mobile command post, 4x4 vehicles, boats and snowmobiles at its disposal.

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol is used for downed aircraft, assisting in missing and lost persons.

Intermountain Search Dogs

Provides professionally trained dogs and handlers to assist with air scent, trailing, and human remains detection.
(509) 477-3009

Explorer Search And Rescue (ESAR)

Just one of many ESAR programs in the state of Washington. ESAR trains youth and young adults in search and rescue techniques, survival, communications, first-aid. They are used by the Sheriff and Police in missing and lost person searches along with evidence recovery in many major crimes.

Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)

Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) provides amateur radio communications during disasters, Parades, Fun runs.

Inland Empire Bloodhounds

The purpose of Inland Empire Bloodhounds is to provide trained bloodhound services and assistance for search and rescue operations, and to meet the standards of the Washington State Administrative Code.

Winter Knights Snowmobile Club

Winter Knights logo

Spokane Winter Knights Snowmobile Club is a non-profit (501c.3) organization. Members assist the Spokane County Sheriff's search and rescue mission by providing experienced snowmobile personnel and equipment for winter operations. Additionally, the club provided ATV support during the summer months, as needed. Responding team members are all volunteers, trained and certified to county and state SAR requirements.

Inland Northwest Search and Rescue (INSAR)

Inland Northwest Search and Rescue logo

Inland Northwest Search and Rescue (INSAR) is an adult search and rescue team that is willing and able to provide highly motivated and well-trained search and rescue volunteers when the community needs them, anytime, anywhere. We serve so that others may live.

Mobile Emergency Operations Center

Mobile Emergency Operations Center logo

Provides mobile command and control facilities for fire, law enforcement, and search and rescue needs. (509) 477-3009