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In Custody and Partial Confinement Work Crew 
Detention Services - Geiger Work Crew  Program

Spokane Spike and Dig Tournament
Work Crew Snow Removal
Work Crew  assists The Spokane Historical Railroad Society
Work Crew -Qualchan Golf Course upgrades
Work Crew - Bloomsday
Work Crew - County cleanup
Work Crew - Rockford Park clean up
Work Crew - Landscape, cleanup work
Work Crew Litter Clean up

The Detention Services Labor Program is an alternative sentencing option designed to reduce jail overcrowding and allow low risk offenders to work in the community in lieu of a jail sentence. 
Geiger Corrections Center operates both in-custody and out-of-custody Work Crew programs. In-custody offenders work within the community during the day and are housed at Geiger Corrections when not working.
The out-of-custody offenders report to the facility daily for work.   All crews are supervised by a Corrections Deputy while in the community.

Need to Hire A Work Crew?

Download the
Geiger Work Crew Flyer
phone (509) 477- 1545

Since 2006, in excess of 471,000 inmate man hours were used on these community based crews. These work crews perform manual and semi-skilled labor such as clean up, litter pick up, graffiti removal, forestry work, limited maintenance and other projects for non-profit and government agencies. 

The Detention Services Labor Program is authorized to perform work for any 501(c)(3), (4) local non-profit or government agency. Work Crews consist of a Corrections Deputy and 8-10 low risk offenders. Consider us a viable option for manual and semi-skilled labor such as:

* Litter Clean up - Abatements
* Landscaping - Right of Way Maint.
* Event Preparation/tear down
* Moving and hauling tasks
* Recycle sorting/distribution
* Winter snow removal