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Religious Services

Offenders attend a church service in the Jail.

Offenders housed in The Spokane County Detention Services facilities have access to various religious materials and services through the assistance of the volunteer chaplain services of Spokane County Jail Ministries. 

*Spokane County Jail Ministries has been volunteering services and resources at the Spokane County Jail for over 25 years.  

The chaplain's volunteers perform weekend church services on an alternating schedule depending upon volunteer availability and jail access availability. Services are administered by Chaplain Roger Swift. Offenders also have access to pastors, or other religious volunteers on a drop-in or by-request basis during normal working hours. The chaplain will put inmates in touch with a clergy person of any specific religious denomination or affiliation whenever possible. 

"Frank and Steve"  lead worship services at Geiger Corrections.

Bibles and other religious materials may be available to offenders on the housing floors and are available upon request to the Chaplain.

You can visit the Spokane County Jail Ministries website at the following:

*Spokane County Jail Ministries is not a department of Spokane County Detention Services. It is a volunteer ministry.