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Financial Information

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Historical Tax Information             Additional Finance Information 


All forms are available for viewing and printing in pdf format. 

Property Tax Billing



Click here to view a breakdown of the current year's property tax and assessments billed.


 See Historical Tax Information for prior years information.  

Excise Tax Collection 


Click to view the last three years of total Real Estate Excise Tax collected by Spokane County.




Investment Policy

The Treasurer is responsible for investing the cash reserves of approximately 80 different government entities geographically located within the county with over 400 different funds. For 2014, the average daily balance of these funds was $832 million.

In 1994, the Spokane County Investment Pool (SCIP) was created to provide a more efficient way to manage these cash reserves and maximize interest income. The objectives of the pool, in order of importance, are safety, liquidity, and return. All investment decisions are governed by the Spokane County Investment Policy, and reviewed monthly at a meeting of the Spokane County Finance Committee.

The Policy has been awarded Certificates of Excellence by the Municipal Treasurer’s Association of the United States and Canada, and by the Washington Municipal Treasurer’s Association. All investments must meet requirements of legality, as defined by Washington State Law.

If you would like to review the policy, go to Spokane County Investment Policy or view the current and past SCIP rates, including a chart showing the change in Spokane County Investment Pool rates from 2003 to current, go to SCIP Rates.

For current Investment performance, go to the Spokane County Portfolio Summary page.

Debt Service

Spokane County manages debt for many local districts, both county and non-county.  To see a full report of the current bond issues, go to the Current Year Debt Service Schedule.

Historical Debt Service Schedules:

Use the links below to view past Debt Schedules by year. 

2014    2013    2012    

Historical Tax Information

Use the links below to view the Property Tax and Assessments billed by year:

  2014   2013   2012    2011    2010    2009    2008    2007     

Additional Financial Information

Prior Years Treasurer's Newsletters


 County Budget

General Fund Revenue, Expenses and Fund Balance

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 

Sales Tax Information