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Juvenile Offender Information

Offender Case Flow Chart

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Diversion is a process of dealing with juveniles who are charged with a minor criminal offense or infraction, diverting them from the formal court process. Learn more about Juvenile Diversion.

Court Investigation

The Court Investigation is the first contact youth have with Juvenile Court Probation when they are detained for a new offense or charged by the Prosecutor for criminal behavior. Probation Counselors in this unit make recommendations to the Judge based on the youth's criminal history and social factors.

Community Supervision

Youth who go to disposition (sentencing) will be ordered a period of community supervision and other conditions such as, curfew, geographical restrictions, community service work, mandatory school attendance, and participation in evidence based programs. Community Service is a court ordered obligation providing a means to serve my community in a positive way. Learn more about the Community Supervision.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment measures risk in several domains, including criminal history, school, use of free time, employment, relationships, family, alcohol and drugs, mental health, attitudes, behavior, aggression, and skills. Learn more about Risk Assessment.